VIDEO- DM Question Time- Pastor Jones and the EDL

On Monday 13th Dec 2010, I was invited to speak on the DM Digital Channel Show “Question Time” – a Live show which deals with Domestic current affairs affecting the Muslim community in Britain. The subject of debate was the entry of Pastor Jones, the organiser of ‘Burn a Quran Day’, who was now seeking entry to the UK to attend an English Defence League rally and address the topic of ‘The evils of Islam’.

On the show I focused on addressing the wider picture and not just Pastor Jones’ Islamophobia. In the age of the ‘War on TERROR’ there are similar discussions happening weekly across the world where “experts” and misinformed people easily attack aspects of Islam. Domestically here in Britain, this is the same case, where politicians have lined up to attack Islam all the while hiding behind the cloak of seeking better integration of communities, and questioning citizens loyalty to their state.

The politicians have been fuelling propaganda against the Muslim community. This has been capitalised on by thuggish groups like the English Defence League, who are comfortable in aligning themselves with Pastor Jones to come to Britain and resume the false and baseless rhetoric against Islam.

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