REVIEW- A look back at 2010

By Majed Iqbal- With another year gone as we enter into 2011, Majeds Blog Team takes you back to refreshing your memories on what exactly you have been reading on the blog this year. Our dedicated team has been covering Key events like Media attacks on Islam, events in Pakistan, conceptual articles on belief, Islam in our daily life, relationships, Palestine and Gaza, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and EXCLUSIVE interviews with Salman Ahmad from the Pakistani Rock band Junoon and Ken O’Keefe, the ex-American Soldier who renounced his US citizenship and was on the Gaza Flotilla early this year.

We promise to keep you more entertained with our posts this year with new and refreshing ideas in the pipeline!!

History in the Making

2010 was full of interesting events on the news which hit our screens and grabbed our attention. Below are the most popular articles accessed this year on Majeds Blog in order of popularity. Need to refresh what you read? Simply click and enjoy!

ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- Sex education is parental responsibility says campaigner

Who is Majed

SIALKOT MURDERS- Pakistan’s Government fails the people again

The Team

Israeli attack on Gaza Peace Convoy- What can Muslims do?

“I’m a Bimbo girl- In a Bimbo World”

Dear BBC, Don’t Blame Muslim Schools For Britain’s Social Problems

A life without meaning is no life at all

Queen in Hijaab in a Masjid?? A detailed look at her Royal Visit to Dubai


Blog Video Channel

Rochdale Central Mosque ‘Investigated’

Events & Campaigns

JUMAH KHUTBAH- Who will Defend Dr Aafia Siddiqui now?

Muslim Marriage Makes Men Nicer!

Rock n Roll Jihad- The answer to ‘Radicalisation’?- An Interview with Junoon’s Salman Ahmad

Muslim Parents face prosecution over school ‘Gay Week’ protest

Muslim community says NO to sex education for five year olds

The Asian News- Pakistani Sheikh issues fatwa for British Govt

Jumah Khutbah- The Month of Rajab- “History in the Making”

MUSHARRAF CHALLENGED by Manchester Protesters- “Democracy and Dictatorship have failed Pakistan!”

Rochdale Imam accuses local Mosques of ‘Child Beatings’

“Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts”- TV Program Review

POEM- The EDL came

Politics- More than Elections!

3rd march 1924- A Historic Day

UMMAH CHANNEL Appearance on the “Big Debate” Show

THE ASIAN NEWS- Manchester Elections Debate explores Political path for Muslim community

POEM- The Test ….

Pakistan Floods Disaster- “Charity is necessary but it’s not the Solution!”

JUMAH KHUTBA- Preparing the Mind, Body and Soul for the Month of Ramadhan

POEM- The Floods Of Treachery

ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- Manchester Muslim Women gather to discuss challenges in Britain today

Jumah Khutba- The Apprentice- “Are you FIRED?”

ASIAN LEADER ARTICLE- No word Khalifah in the Quran?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- Protestor smacks Musharraf’s Photo with sandals

DM Digital Appearance- Question Time on Pastor Jones entry to UK

French President Sarkozy calls for burka ban- A Superiority Complex?

“Generation Islam”- A NEW show featuring Majed

VIDEO- Rochdale Elections Documentary (Epsiode 1)

Down Memory Lane (Newspaper Articles)

POEM- Rajab 2010

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- The Ex-American soldier on the Gaza Flotilla

British Boy Sahil Kidnap Case- Who are the Culprits?

VIDEO- DM Question Time- Pastor Jones and the EDL

Will Israel once again get away with murder?

ASIAN LEADER ARTICLE- Muslim Community says no to Sex Education for five year olds

Welcome to project Capitalism

Down Memory Lane (Television Appearances)

A run on the Banks will not destroy Capitalism

ASIAN NEWS- Documentary will look at how Muslims view the election

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