UMMAH CHANNEL Appearance on the “Debate Night” Show- Jack Straw comments on Grooming

On Wednesday 12th January i was invited to participate on the Big Debate show on the Ummah Channel- a UK based Islamic television Network.

The show focused on Jack Straw, former Home Secretary’s comments when he said Pakistani men were “fizzing and popping with testosterone, they want some outlet for that, but Pakistani-heritage girls are off limits and they are expected to marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan, typically”.

He continued: “So they then seek other avenues and they see these young women, white girls who are vulnerable, some of them in care… who they think are easy meat.”

These comments were a reference to a string of cases related to Pakistan men grooming white girls for sex which included one case from Rochdale, my home town.

Hosted by Mohammed Shafeeq, the panelists included

– Lord Qurban Hussain (Luton)
– Phil Riley (Jack Straws Election Agent)
– Majed Iqbal (Journalist and Muslim Blogger)
– Zaheer Hussain (Local Conservative Party Member)

My points on the case

Whilst it cannot be disagreed with that there are Pakistani men who think and some who behave in such a way about ‘white’ women, it is important for us to understand,  scrutinise and address  the core issue as to what leads to this mentality where men, of any ethnicity, feel comfortable to prey on women?

As someone who is working on various projects with the youth, i along with many other organisations have worked hard on the ground to present religious values as the way forward for our community which can shield people, especially women from such activities.

Hence we tackled this issue in our “THUG LIFE” series circles many years back with one of our topics tilted “Wives, girlfriends OR BOTH” exposing the damage to lives of young girls and boys this mentality can cause, acting as players and pimps, replicating what they see from Ghetto pushing Black Music videos. We paved the way forward in these discussions that Islam clearly detailed respect for the sexes regardless of their background.

Hence the solution lay in highlighting how Western Ideals are leading to self-destruction with everyone defining for themselves what makes them happy and gives them their kicks whilst Islam orders modesty, decency and only the outlet of marriage as a way to satisfy our natural instincts.

Hence the case now moves onto as to where are such Pakistani men getting their ideals shaped from? My conclusions are that society is laying down the climate for such behaviours.

The problem is a wider societal issue. A Home Office-commissioned IPSOS Mori poll found that” two-fifths of the public believe that a woman should be held at least partly responsible for being sexually assaulted or raped if she was flirting heavily with the man before the attack”

I disagree with that rationale because of my faith but the reality is stark. It is due to the sexualisation of society that people are trying to find avenues to satisfy their appetites, even if they break the law and could get away with it.

Even the former home Secretary during her tenure issued a campaign back in 2009 titled “Sexualisation of young girls” blaming advertisers of products of using sexual imagery for young children including the playboy logo readily found available in high street shops in the form of T-Shirts, pencil cases and underwear!

In the show last night i highlighted that alcohol, alcopops (marketed for teenagers), readily available contraception for under 16’s (promoted in schools across the country in Sex and Relationship Education) and a legalised sex industry (UK-based internet Sites, cable and sky channels, magazines, page 3) has fuelled the ‘experimentation’ attitude amongst both men and women.

It is the legislative bodies like parliament who legalise such activities under the guise of Freedoms and end up paying the Societal price by creating sexually driven people to fulfil their fantasies in ‘any way possible’.

Hence secular values which are constantly pushed at us, where religion is relegated to just a few personal opinions and rituals and forced out of the public domain in Politics and legislation is the real cause in this debate and not the way Pakistani boys are being raised.

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