SPECIAL REPORT- More British Converts To Islam

By Zaufishan Iqbal- A new report Reveals that there are over 5,000 people embracing Islam every year in Britain. Despite material progression and freedoms at their disposal, why are many Britons re-defining their views on life? This special report for Majed’s Blog unveils some of these questions.

This report “More British Converts To Islam- The religious experience we all need” is Part of a Majeds Blog Series titled “Convertism” which will be presenting many stories of people who have embraced Islam in the hostile climate that currently dominates Europe today and the reasons wha led them to this path.

Writer of this report Zaufishan Iqbal, works as a Muslim Teacher and plays an active Dawah role on the webisphere. She is the founder of “the kingdom of Muslim Blogs” site (www.muslimness.com). She believes the essence of Islam is hugely distorted and the challenges we face as Muslims living in 21st Century need to be addressed. Zaufishan is a contributor to Majed’s Blog Site.

Click on the Report image to read the Report in Full

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