JUMAH KHUTBA- Tunisia and the Protests across the Middle East- The time has now come


By Majed Iqbal- No one has failed to notice the events in North Africa and the Middle East in the last weeks. The Muslims in Tunisia rose up in their masses after decades of frustration against the tyrannical and oppressive rule of Ben Ali.

This was the man who hated the message of Allah and His beloved Rasool. It was he who banned the Adhan, intimidated those with beards through the police and took off the headscarf of a Muslim woman on national television and told her “You are now liberated”.

When a young graduate, trying to sell fruit on the street was pushed around and told he can’t sell here by the police, he lit himself on fire which echoed the sheer frustration of daily life in Tunisia. It was this which broke the final straw in the camel’s back and sparked thousands to get onto the streets. The ruler had no choice but to leave the country in humiliation.

In the Glorious Qur’an Allah (swt) refers to the drowning of Pharaoh and his army as follows:


And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them:  [Surah 44:29]

And neither did the Muslims of Tunisia shed any tear on the leaving of this tyrant from their land.

Witnessing this, Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, Syria. Kuwait and Libya rose with this momentum against their regimes which have denied them their rights and distances them from the Haq, and brought them much harm through America’s war on terror.

Respected Muslims, The Second Khaleefah of the Muslims and the devoted companion of Allah’s messenger, Umar bin Al- Khattab said

“We are People whom Allah made proud and respectable because of Islam; if we ever take pride in anything other than Islam Allah will humiliate us with that same thing.”

This Ummah has been living under this humiliation in the absence of Islam and its implementation is society. How can we ask for success if Islam is not the basis for calling for that change today.. Allah (swt) says in the translation of the meaning

“They took their Rabbi’s and Monks as lords besides Allah and they were commanded to worship none but one god. There is no Lord except the, exalted is he from the partners they associated with him” [Surah 9:31].

Ibn Katheer states, “Should anyone turn away from the command of Allah and the Shari’ah and favours something else, then he would have put something else (as a god) before Allah. That this is Shirk is clear from the verse ‘They have taken their Rabbis and Monks as lords beside Allah'” (Tafsir ul Qur’an ul Azeem).

These tyrant rulers made the Un-islamic ideas shipped from the West as their gods. They changed the educational curriculums by limiting Islam to smiling and being nice, opened the media to Western movies whose values and culture destroyed the morals of Muslims, banned the adhaan, told the women to remove their niqaab and hijaab and behave more western, and imprisoned people who challenged their un-Islamic rule on the orders from the West.

These were the gods that they worshipped. But what happened when it came time to escape? Ben Ali was refused by the French Prime Minister, Sarkozy to land in France. What did these gods of theirs give them in the end? What did their sujood to these powers give them? Nothing but humiliation.

Are these rulers, Ben Ali, Ghadaffi, Mubarak, Abdullah, Bashr al –Assad not scared of what our Holy Prophet  said?

The beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “If any ruler having the authority to rule Muslim subjects dies while he is deceiving them, Allah will forbid Paradise for him.” [ Sahih Al-Bukhari 9:265]

And in another hadith the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “Any man whom Allah has given the authority of ruling some people and he does not look after them in an honest manner, will never feel even the smell of Paradise.” [Sahih Muslim – Volume 9, Book 89, Number 264, Narrated Ma’qil]

Do these rulers not feel the wrath of Allah (swt) or are they that far away from Islam that it no longer affects them?

These protests in the Arab World need to have a clear vision for change. It’s not just any change with a new face, but a change in system where Islam is the guiding force for the politics and not Western inspired slogans that are being chanted from the rulers in Washington, Paris and London today.

Muslim across the globe need to apply the pressure to receive the result of the establishment of Islam. We shouldn’t remain silent now as we will also be included in complying with the oppression of these rulers. Let us all move ahead without fear, remembering that Allah (swt) is with us.

Bukhari and Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu Saeed (ra) that the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “Let not the fear of people prevent one of you to utter the truth when he sees it (i.e. sees the munkar) or hears it”. Imam Ahmad, Tabarani,

So let the muslims in the middle East not fear and feel the support from Muslims across the globe for their call to bring back Islam. If they fail to tread upon this Islamic Political path and remain silent then their will be great difficulty for us.

Al-Hakim and Al- Baihaqi narrated on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Amr that the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said “If you see my Ummah afraid of telling the oppressor: You are an oppressor, it is farewell to the Ummah”. [Imam Suyooti: Saheeh]

It is not time for farewell of this Ummah now. It is time to say farewell to these tyrant rulers. It is the time now for this Ummah to take her respectful place and be honoured with the implantation of Islam. It is time to announce that the Muslims in Tunisia were the ones who began this change and now the Khilafah has been established by the permission of Allah (swt)

It was narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad, on the authority of Mu’qal b. Yassaar that the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Injustice will not remain dormant after me for long before it comes out; where every time something of injustice comes out, the same amount of justice disappears, until (people) will be born into (a world of) injustice who know nothing other than it. Then Allah (swt) will come with justice, where every time something of justice comes, the same amount of injustice disappears, until (people) will be born into (a world of) justice who know nothing other than it.”

This is the new dawn where this justice is appearing once again on the horizons. The Muslim Ummah is ready for Change, an Islamic Change and she will be victorious.

The beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Give glad-tidings to this Ummah of honour, establishment upon the earth, help and victory, and pre-eminence of the deen. [Al-Hakim and Ahmad]

May Allah (swt) give us tawfeeq to support the call for Islam and Khilafah and make us part of this global movement for change and not of those who sat on the sidelines and watched the game.


  1. Aicha Jacas says:

    Alhamdulilah a beautiful piece

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