POEM- Oh Mubarak!


By Yasmeen Ahmed

You came into power through contrived controlled elections,

tampering of results, intimidations, & bogus votes.

Your Job Description:- To uphold, promote & implement the agenda of imperialist forces & neo colonialists!

Your Salary:- Your title, countless luxuries and the bonus of assured security!


Oh! Ruthless Rulers!

You fulfil your role by being morally & humanly bankrupt,

You have oppressed & harassed the Ummah for TOO long.

By day you have inflicted maximum brutalities & miseries upon the people,

Have you honestly managed to sleep peacefully at night??

Always seeking out the blessings of your masters,

With every breath you take, Every move you make,

Every bond you break, Every step you take, (Yes….we have been watching you).

Do you not tire of continuously dancing like a puppet on a string???

I assure you, we are (sick &) tired of witnessing you all spinning around like wailing dervishes in a trance.


Oh! Cronies!

You have upheld your treacherous role with pride,

Keeping the people under sub human conditions & woeful degradations.

Yet, (true to the saying about mans best friend),

You are loyal, docile & tame for your foreign masters!

The old order is shaking like a powerful earthquake,

And the new order is about to take its rightful place, (inshaAllah).

Burying your head in the sand is pointless, face the inevitable reality,

don’t look back, and……….



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