POEM- Walls of Fear

By Poet-AJ

As the Berlin wall fell brick by brick
“Liberation is not for you” we were told
With Mubarak, Gaddafi and Ben Ali you have to stick
Change we were asked “How was it to unfold?” 

It was placed in our hearts, it was the Wall of Fear!
Everything in life that was temporary had become dear
Those who spoke the truth were to Allah very near
They did not seek in exchange for that any career

It was becoming unbearable to remain silent
Hence we spoke of the awakening giant
It gave everyone a bit of a surprise
To see the Ummah so quickly arise

The colonial masters of the past
Panick struck them so they acted fast
The American nightmare was here
“Extremist takeover!!!” They began to instil fear

Now they speak of freedom & democracy again
Not sure how their interests they shall maintain?
The oppressive rulers from their people miles apart
Not realizing  ‘wahan’ has left the Ummah’s heart

They attempt to rebuild the Walls of Fear
Like Communism, walls of Capitalism will also disappear
What remains is the victory and the promise of Allah
Khilafah al-Rashidah ala minhaaj an-nubuwwa

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