By Poet 786

I am not a square but a revolution
I am the pure air eradicating pollution
I do not smell of your hypocrisy
I breathe Islam not demoncracy

My forefathers named me “Liberation”
Do not call me “Freedom”!

I am not up for manipulation
I have my own interpretation
I am not a slave to your State
I shall control my own fate

My forefathers named me “Liberation”
Do not call me “Freedom”!


I am not a mere piece of land
I am the Ummah’s sincere demand
Do not implant your flag in my heart
It is time for your oppression to depart

My forefathers named me “Liberation”
Do not call me “Freedom”!

I am not for sale so keep your Jahannam
I shall make my Ummah’s foothold firm
By your dreams I am not tempted
By martyrs I have been irrigated

My forefathers named me “Liberation”
Do not call me “Freedom”!

I am not blind for I see the horizon
Where all the Tahrir Squares are one
The lands of Islam forever united
Not free like you but liberated!


  1. MashaAllaah! thats an amazing piece!

    “I breathe Islam not demoncracy”
    i hate it when the call the revolution one of demoncrazy!

    inshaAllaah his endings came and he’ll be ousted with humiliation and defeat..Fir’awns before him left with disgrace!may Allaah humiliate and disgrace him… ومن يهن الله فما له من مكرم

  2. Pledge of Aqaba says:

    Wow…mashallah one of the most inspiring poems I have read related to the awakening of the Ummah. Please continue writing this material for the sons and daughters of this great Ummah need your inspiring words along wit the Quran to continue with this struggle.

  3. Loved the poem…I think the confusion of freedom versus liberation is key. So many call for freedom and mix it almost instantly with democracy, but a Muslim exists and was created to be the worshipping slave of the Almighty-until we submit to the rules and laws of Allah swt we will always be oppressed- and He’s the one that defines oppression.

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