COMMENT: America’s Fear–The Will of the People

By Hamid Chaudry- The unfolding story of Egypt will run for a while longer…..perhaps even another thirty years.  While we can only guess at which path the country will take in the near term, this is undoubtedly an historic event for this generation. It is one of those events that will define the shape of not only the future Middle East, but the whole world. In recent history, this single event stands alongside the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York as a defining moment for the world.

America will have had a game plan for Egypt’s future. No different from the past, ever since bringing Anwar Sadat to power in 1970. But the future plan will not have included the people. For all her public posturing about the will of the people and the need for democracy, the policy for Egypt has been based on US national interests, not the interests of the Egyptians.

Now the people of Egypt – and Tunisia – have spoken.

What we have witnessed is the ‘reality on the ground’ moving faster than the machinery of the US administration. The pace of events has overtaken the plans of the world’s greatest superpower, which lost control of the situation. The Egyptians have defied the will of the US through peaceful protest. This was certainly not in America’s plans. What it shows is that for all Americas efforts, she has been defeated.

The people have demonstrated what is required to defeat the super power.

Quite simply, unity, behind a common objective, combined with an unwavering will.

This is what America fears most. The will of the masses.


What if the common objective is based on the Islamic aqeedah?

And what if the unwavering will is that of the Muslims not just in Tunisia and Egypt, but in Jordan & Syria….and in Yemen and Bahrain….and in Morocco & Algeria….and in Arabia?

And what if the unity is the unity of the half a billion Muslims in Najd, the Hejaz and the Maghrib… begin with?

Now that’s what America really fears…..


‘And they planned, and Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners.’ (Al-Imran:54)

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