EDL’s Demo in Rochdale- HOW should the Muslim Community Respond?

By Majed Iqbal- What started off as rumours has now been confirmed earlier this week, that the English Defence League (EDL) are going ahead with a demonstration in the town centre of Rochdale.


Last Friday, 25th march at around 7pm, a few cars drove down Ashfield Road hurling abuse at Muslims and telling them they would be back to take revenge for the issue of grooming of white girls. Many things were thrown at people on the road. By the Mercy of Allah, no one was injured.

The EDL is an organisation which claims that Islam is problematic and that Shariah (islamic Law) which Muslims follow is extremist. Under the umbrella of the English Defence League (EDL) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) these people have staged protests in London, Birmingham, Luton, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds.

In light of the Rochdale EDL Demo, many texts have been sent out, and leaflets put out to present a view on what to do. So what should we do? Before drafting out a plan, we must be aware of what exactly is happening


The Backdrop

These incidents are there to harm the Muslim Community and make us ‘downsize’ on Islam. Meaning water down Islam to such a level that it no longer remains the Islam we know in response to the claims made by Politicians and street thugs like EDL that aspects of Islam are extreme and not acceptable for Western Societies.


Politicians have created the climate of hatred

The last years has seen many speeches on the lips of Politicians where Islam has been mentioned. Recently, Prime Minister David Cameron mentioned that the Muslim Community needs to do more to integrate! Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick said it was extremist to segregate Muslim Weddings and Jack Straw blamed Pakistani Culture (which media said was Muslim culture) on the topic of ‘Grooming of white girls’

The overall aim is an attempt to pressurise Muslims to leave their Islamic values and to adopt Western ones. We cannot allow this, just as we cannot allow our youth and community to be used by others in this way


How Should the Muslim Community Respond?

1. Raise awareness in the community of this plan

The Previous government under Labour and the now Lib Dem/Conservative coalition government and politicians across Europe and America have spent 8 years stirring up hatred against Islam to further colonial policies in Muslim lands that prevent the rise of Islam – and the return of the Khilafah – in those lands.

The media have been complicit in this throughout this time. The BNP and English Defence League and its subsidiaries are simply exploiting this hostile climate. The blame for this hostile climate lies with politicians who will ask you to vote for them to save you from the BNP threat, when it is they who created this hostile climate.


2. Dont fall victims to the ‘left’

Other groups will push Young muslim to go and protest which has caused issues in many other similar demonstrations. The Muslim community has it s OWN Agenda and are not here to do the  work of others. The Muslims need to advocate their OWN politics and not those of Labour, Lib Dems, Tories or those of the left


3. Help us educate our youth

Our youth are our future, and we must not allow them to be easily provoked by racists or by hot-headed leftists, who get the Muslim youth to carry out their dirty work. We should remember that in the Bradford riots it was Muslim youth sent to prison for acts organised by right-wing racists and leftist opponents.


4. Be clear about what they are aiming for

It is nothing less than for Muslims to abandon the noble Islamic values, and become westernised. This was the same aim of the government’s PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) programme. We have to know how to defend the ideas they attack. We cannot simply allow them to bully us to distance ourselves from Islam and the Shariah in this way. In particular, the Imams and Ulema have a role and a responsibility to teach the community the truth of Islam.


5. We must reach out to local non-Muslims

As a Dawah to Islam and to counter the twisted understanding of Islam they get from media outlets and politicians we must present Islam to non-Muslims. Local masjids should think about organising open days or Islam awareness days to present the correct view of Islam to non-Muslims and to dispel the many misconceptions people have about Islam and Muslims.


6. Remain united and speak with one voice against this attack on Islam and Muslims.

They have already started to try to divide us, asking us to denounce one another as ‘extremist’. This is the old colonial tactic of ‘divide and rule’ to weaken our community.

There is much more we can do independently as a community and get the answers to our affairs through an activism based on our deen.



  1. Multiculturalism only benefits third world ethnic minorities who enjoy a higher standard of living and human devlopment provided for them by white europeans, multiculturalism does not benefit whites themselves,it only degrades our society

    • majedsblog says:

      Then why pride Western Countries on Freedoms if laws which legally allow people to stay here are considered degrading? Doesn’t this view discredit Societies in the West rather than promote them?

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