Davis Dilemma – A Crisis or blessing in disguise for Pakistan?


By Poet AJ– On 27th January Raymond Davis shot dead two Pakistani youth in Lahore whom he alleged were trying to rob him. The Pakistani government has already allowed Blackwater to carry out blasts and kidnap citizens openly but this incident has proven that the rulers in Pakistan have forfeited their sovereignty and given Americans an open license to kill.

It is hard to find a worse example than that of the ‘Chief Traitor’ (Chief Minister) of the Punjab who did his level best to save the killer through the Punjab police. The Police immediately declared the murdered youth as “dacoits”. They did not care to ask why Davis shot the youth in the back if it was an act of self defence. Nor did they question why the killer shot through the front windscreen of his car instead of side windows, which is usually the case whilst resisting a robbery.

The authorities made no attempt to investigate why Davis had filmed and photographed his victims. This incident brought back memories of Iraq where Blackwater massacred whomever they wished with complete impunity.

The question is what else remains to be done now in Pakistan! Is there a bigger treason possible than this? The treason of the Pakistani ruling parties as well as the ‘friendly opposition’ has been completely exposed.

Immediately afterwards the debate went onto whether Raymond Davis should be allowed diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention even though he did not have diplomatic status. Also ,who was present in the second car which knocked down and killed another Pakistani?

It is believed that these culprits have fled the country with John Kerry who had come to secure the release of Raymond Davis. Why is the Obama Administration in such a hurry to get Raymond Davis out of Pakistan using the diplomatic immunity excuse? What have they got to be worried about if this was just an attempted robbery and Davis is innocent of any crime with nothing to hide?

How many more Davis are there roaming the streets of Pakistan that the PPP government have allowed in without security checks and bypassing normal vetting procedures before visas are issued? There are reports that 851 Americans have diplomatic status in Pakistan and there is also alot of infiltration taking place along the Durand Line (Af/Pak border).  It has come to light now that Davis is a CIA spy and was on some kind of a secret mission. To understand his mission we should not look at this incident in isolation from what the American foreign policy is in this region.

People thought that Obama would use the soft power of diplomacy rather than more of the same neo con policies of his predecessor George Bush. The Bush regime invaded Iraq and then wreaked havoc on its people using not only Blackwater but also the Occupying Armies.  It’s clear now that nothing has changed and whoever was optimistic about Obama forgot to listen to what he said about Iraq being a mistake and that Afghanistan should have been the priority.  The question is what is this ‘extremist’ threat that America and the West see?

When Pharaoh was told that there was to be a child born who will destroy his kingdom, he began to kill every male child of Bani Israel. He treated the Bani Israel as slaves in the same manner that America keeps ordering Pakistan to ‘do more’.  In a similar way America knows that the call for the Khilafah is taking deep root in the minds of the Muslims and is doing everything to stop it from being established.

Indeed in an interview with the BBC Radio 4, the retired UK armed forces chief and advisor to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, General Richard Dannatt confessed that; “there is an Islamist agenda which if we don’t oppose it and face it off in Southern Afghanistan, or Afghanistan, or in South Asia, then frankly that influence will grow. It could well grow, and this is an important point, we could see it moving from South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, and to the high water mark of the Islamic caliphate in the 14th, 15th century”.

The policy is to keep the Af/Pak region in a constant state of instability which will weaken the states in the region and it will keep the West in a position of strength from where they can deal with any attempts to threaten their policies or interests. It is for this reason that whenever they want the Pakistani Army to engage in a military operation the public opinion is created by terrorist attacks on Pakistani army as well as civilian targets within Pakistan. It is in order to fulfil this aim that the likes of Davis and others prepare and organise such atrocities. After that the Pakistani Government attempts to justify launching a military operation on these grounds, and this cycle is repeated again and again.

Like dictatorship, democracy failed to protect the Muslims of Pakistan and would infact do a lot more to serve its masters in the US if the people remained silent. Prime Minister Gillani has reiterated that Pakistan is fighing its own war and not America’s and prepared to continue to kill and wipeout ‘extremists’ and terrorists by employing the Army for this purpose.

The Muslims who call for an Islamic Khilafah in Pakistan are being accused of creating a state within a state and challenging the writ or sovereignty of Pakistan. Where does this writ or sovereignty go when America crosses over the Durand line and kills Pakistani soldiers or when America kills using drone attacks within Pakistan?  America on the one hand is saying that Pakistan is an ally in the WOT and also at the same time is undermining Pakistan and helping India.

The truth of the matter is that it is America that needs Pakistan and not the other way round such as the supply line that goes through Pakistan is helping the occupation of Afghanistan. America can no way take on this risk of having it’s supply line cut and is playing a sort of game to weaken and maintain the pressure on Pakistan. After American forces came across and killed the Pakistani soldiers and the Pakistani Government under public pressure cut the supply line until the Americans ‘apologised’.

There have been news reports saying that Pakistan asked America for a prisoner swap with Dr Aafia Siddique.  This reminds me of the Prophet Muhammad SAW to whom people came to seek pardon for a woman who was from a wealthy tribe because she had stolen. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that even if his own daughter Fatimah (RA) stole He (SAW) would cut her hand off.

Throughout the history of Khilafah the abuse of a Muslim woman would trigger a reaction from the Islamic State that would be a real deterrent unlike the Pakistani Government or the other Muslim regimes who sell their citizens to the enemies. These Western backed agents spare no pains to unleash their inhumane and barbaric brutally on those Muslims who seek the return of the Caliphate.

Who is responsible for the death of Shamaila Bibi who committed suicide because she wanted justice and could see that the Pakistani authorities trying to blame the victims of Davis’s instead of investigating what happened?

Now you may be wondering that this is a crisis for Pakistan but how is this a blessing in disguise? What happened to these youth should not happen to anyone and it is only a blessing that Raymond Davis was caught otherwise it would have been reported as just another murder.  From this incident America has been exposed beyond any reasonable doubt that it is an enemy of Pakistan and hence should be treated as such. Pakistan Government can demand to know all others on these kinds of missions inside Pakistan.

The Americans have threatened to cut the $1.5 billion a year if Davis is not freed and Hilary Clinton made it clear that America is only there for its benefit. Pakistan has lost $80 billion since becoming an ally and hence could ask to be compensated the full amount straight away. The fact is that Zardari/Gilani are not telling the people that it is America who needs Pakistan for its supply line to Afghanistan. Also and more importantly precious Muslim lives including soldiers and civilians have been lost in their thousands and it is now time for the Generals to decide if they want to sacrifice more Muslim blood for American interests! It would only benefit Pakistan in terms of lives and wealth lost through supporting America and this can only happen once Pakistan cuts the Supply line.

Raymond Davis and his crime are an opportunity and a blessing that the rulers are going to waste and it is up to the sincere amongst the influentials to make sure that this opportunity is not lost but take action to remove the Zardari’s of this world.  These tyrants and oppressors of the Ummah need to be replaced by the Khilafah State which will protect its citizens.


  1. To be fair, you do make good points – which are understandable – however, the issue or problem is not America or UK influence in Pakistan but the will of people to allow this to happen.
    You have clearly made clear that Pakistan is being targeted by the US for its own interest, at the expense of innocent citizens of Pakistan – but the will power of Pakistan (in terms of its civilians) is weak to allow US to do what its doing and get away with it – I don’t see demonstrations to topple the existing corrupt government who appear clearly to be pro-America, where is the public pressure?
    The people of Pakistan need to take responsibility need to make sacrifices to make a better Pakistan. After all is that not what the Prophet did, resisted the pressures from people who wanted Islam to be destroyed as it was revealed – the Prophet fought all the elements to establish a fair and just Islamic society – well why can’t the people of Pakistan do the same?

  2. We are seeing the uprisings in the middle east have shown the Ummah there has had enough of these despotic and tyrranical rulers. The problem in Pakistan (and a lesson for the ummah in Arab world) and a clever trick that has been played is that when people start to go against a government, it is quickly changed from a democracy to dictatorship or democracy to dictatorship. So it is not the case that the Muslims do not act to change but have always been tricked by this cycle of change from dictatorship to deomcracy or vice versa. Already in Pakistan there is demonstrations taking place and one is being organised on 17th April Nationwide in Pakistan calling for the ejection of America from the region, removal of Zardari Regime and to establish the Khilafah. We should support the Ummah in Pakistan which is going through a hard time and standing up to the tyranny of democratic regime of Zaradari. The security have already started acting to stop these protest and rallies from taking place.

  3. Even though the peoople have overwhemlingly come out in the middle east to protest and remove the dictators we have yet to see the change in the system from a corrupt man made system to the Islamic System. The way to change the system is to follow the method of the Prophet SAW and convince the people of power ahul nusrah i.e. the Armies etc to change the system by romoving the regime and changing it to the Khilafat e Rashidah. It is good that the people come out and the only thing is to convince and win over the Armed forces onto the side of the people.

  4. A recent survey from an international market survey organization (MEMRB) about the ruling system of Pakistan has exposed the claims of the popularity of democracy. According to the survey the majority of the people, (53%), desire Khilafah in Pakistan, 11 percent desire democracy and just two percent are interested in Islamic democracy. 22 percent agree with martial law.

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