SPECIAL REPORT- A case of Mistaken identity?

The debate over identity arouses the strongest of passion in individuals. In today’s multi-cultural, global village, what is the role of identity in defining who we are, and the relationships we forge with others in wider society?

Read this special Report written by Blog Contributor. Clickon the link Below to read full report



  1. Interesting read, I believe all aspects of society and those living within suffer from similar problems. Identity is a problem especially when the debate is between a religion or nation. Often I see people on the celebration of Islamic Eid festival holding flags of either Pakistan and on occasions of Kashmir – does this mean Eid is only for those who live in these two locations? I know this is not the case, nevertheless it is the failure of the community to which these young adults belong to, their culture is made out to be part of their religion but the difference between both is massive.

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