Majed invited as Panelist for Question Time- “Facebook Revolutions”

Majed will be attending the Blackburn Question Time titled “facebook Revolutions” alongside a distinguished panel of speakers to face Questions around recent international events which have been the subject of discussion globally.

When Saudi Arabia will be in the midst of demonstrations and just a few days before the “Inqilaab-e-Pakistan” protests spark off, the distinguished panel will be addressing and answering  questions in A Question Time Panel Format with a live audience as well as questions submitted by email and text prior to the event.

The subject of change has been on the lips of the Muslim Community, which began with Tunisia and have even stretched to the least expected places like Bahrain and Suadia Arabia. A sizable Pakistani Community in the UK have also remain connected with Political events in Pakistan which have seen the Government sending the country into regression on a multitude of issues. Is there any possibility of change?


– Panelists include-

Anjum Anwar – Dialogue Development Officer, Blackburn Cathedral

Jahangir Mohammed – Director, Center For Muslim Affairs

Majed Iqbal- Popular Muslim Blogger and Freelance Journalist

Asid Mahmood – Education Secretary, Madina Masjid Darwen

Ismail Lorgat – Community Activist

The Question time Will take place  at Hornby Lecture Theatre at  Blackburn Central Library on Saturday 19th March 2011 between 1:30pm – 4:00pm. Questions can be submitted by text or email to 07944 148530,

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