UMMAH CHANNEL Appearance on the “Debate Night” Show- Western Intervention in Libya

On Wednesday 6th April, i was invited to participate on the BIG Debate Show on the UK based satellite Station, Ummah Channel. The topic of focus was the “Arab Spring and Libya – was military action right”.

Questions that have arisen in the media, political circles and amongst the masses in the Muslim World are “Is the West helping on Humanitarian grounds?”, “Is Libya the next Iraq and Afghanistan”, Why have the international Community and the United Nations given so much attention to Ghadaffi’s regime?

The panelists for the show were

Richard Searle (Respect Party)

Majed Iqbal (Muslim Blogger)

My Key Points on the Show

  • The United nations resolution on Libya psets a dangerous Precedent for World politics United States, under the legality provided by a UN resolution, can, unilaterally, or in collaboration with its western allies, militarily intervene in the affairs of a sovereign nation that poses no military threat to America in order to stave off a humanitarian disaster
  • Why is there no intervention in Congo, Gaza, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ivory Coast who also suffered Humanitarian Catastrophes?
  • America, Britain, and France are competing with each other to get the biggest slice of the cake once Ghadaffi is ousted
  • Western Nations are trying to steal the show and claim the victory for the Uprising in Libya
  • The link between Western Interests and Libya is crystal clear- Blair and Gordon Brown had perfect business relations with the Libyan regime. US administration’s Richard Perle led a delegation to Libya a fw years ago to re-negotiate oil contracts.
  • It is Western Nations, in the case of Libya, Britain Specifically who have armed the Libyan regime with the very tanks and missiles that they are using to kill the Opposition with. this is no different to the way Britain and America have armed Dictators to the teeth and even trained their security Forces on using tear gas, crowd-control ammunition, small-arms ammunition, water cannon and door-breaching projectile launchers

My Concluding points

  • Muslims should view the issue with the spectacles of Islam. Why is it that when Tunisians Protested, the Egyptians also protested outside the Tunisian Embassy in Egypt- and vice versa?
  • Why is that Opinion polls carried out in the last years in Egypt and across 4 other Muslim Countries all unanimously were favourable to the idea that unity between Muslims under a Caliphate (Khilafah) was an ideal they would love to see implemented?
  • The Arab world looked nothing like it did before just 100 years ago. The Colonialist nations carved up the Muslim world as war booty between themselves and divided the lands on the world mao with a pencil and ruler!
  • The concept of borders are of no significance as Islam defines brotherhood and the concept of Ummah Clearly, which overrides any national or regional affiliations.Abu Musa (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Beloved Messenger of Allahﷺ said

“The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building, each strengthens the other.” He  illustrated this by interlacing the fingers of both his hands. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

  • Western Intervention is not an idea we should accept. The responsibility falls on the much able Armies surrounding the region to intervene, oust Ghaddafi and help the people install a government in line with Islam which will guarantee elections, the section of a just ruler, the protection of the resources of the region and aiding other arab countries to form a united block.
  • Nobody expected the Arab revolutions to happen. In a similar way, we don’t require an election or a referendum to get to a position where Islam plays the major role in Political, economic and social life of the people in that region. Change will be instant so long as the people recognise and desire the change which is being backed by various opinion polls conducted in the region.
  • Even Western Politicians and Governments have aired their views on the emergence of a Caliphate in the Muslim world and have made continued references to it

A Final note

The events unfolding in the Arab world have strengthened the resolve of people to work for change and fear has left their hearts, a feeling preyed upon by the regimes in these countries. These new dynamics have affected the Status quo but still require more steps to be carried out to attain the ‘Real change’ they went out and protested for.


  1. It is clearly by a large majority that this war in Libya is just a ground work or preparation work for a ground assault. One then raises the question – how can the West justify a ground invasion? Well its simple and already been demonstrated, by make fake humanitarian reports, spreading false allegations of mass murder by government forces – before this news get any really verification the ground forces will already be in the country shifting the focus from verifying the real reports to military action on the ground.

    There is nothing new in this style of regime change, just go back in history and you will see many examples of this style of war.

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