Osama Bin Laden Killing- More about Containing Pakistan

By Majed Iqbal- As news broke in the early hours today morning on the Killing of Osama Bin Laden, the worlds most wanted man, the event raised many questions.


The narrative has continuously been peddled today that the Pakistani Authorities knew nothing of the operation. This is despite the incident taking place merely fifty kilometers from the capital Islamabad and less than a kilometer from the sensitive Pakistan Military Academy.

Media reportage has focused on the area of killing as being secluded and strangely located. This remains dubious as to how the agencies were unaware of the residents of a huge 10 Canal compound that had been constructed as far back as four years ago.

Both the Musharraf Government and the Zardari/Gillani Government similarly remained in denial about Drone attacks being launched from Pakistan and hitting Pakistani Targets until Google Earth released images showing a secluded airbase in a remote area of Pakistan where Drones lay ready for attacks.

The lies peddled by the Pakistani Government highlight a complete withdrawal of Pakistani National sovereignty to foreign Powers who have broke every possible international law to invade independent nations and resume activities at their own will. It is with the complicity of the Pakistani Government that such violations of territory have occurred.

America is not seen as a power in many parts of the world as one roaming the international arena with a moral compass. Pakistani’s see this no differently as America’s interests extend to their region as the theatre of War in the last years has switched from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

An opinion poll from July 2010 highlighted that  majority of Pakistanis view America as an enemy and are far less concerned about Taliban and al-Qaida. Another opinion poll conducted by Gallup in November 2009 found that 59% of more than 2,700 people surveyed across the country considered the US a threat.

The Arab uprisings have also shown the huge un-popularity of America in the Arab world as people call for independence from colonial designs and client regimes status whose dictators and kings have been propped up and heavily financed by America for American interests in the region.

The events today morning beamed on our screens will be a trump card for Obama’s re-election, a media victory on America’s dented image of it lost battle for hearts and minds  in the War on Terror and an open license to operate with immunity anywhere in the world, by passing all international institutions.


  1. So what does the UN say about a country unilaterally entering another’s land to carry out a military assassination of an individual who hasn’t been accounted in a court of law? The security council welcomes it and Ban Ki Moon praises it as a watershed moment and says ”justice has been done’. If anyone needed any more evidence of the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the West and its institutions, let them look no further.

  2. What was beamed across all medium channels was simple a word stating ‘Justice’ has been done. Well – in my view no justice has been at all. Firstly – lets not forget that Osama was created by CIA and there is no evidence that Osama ever left CIA payroll, Secondly – lets not also forgot that Osama clearly denied any involvement in 9/11 during a interview with a Pakistani journalist who interviewed him pre 9/11 and post 9/11.

    Justice – in my view is capturing Osama and handing him over to the International Justice body, as we seen what happened to Serb military commander once we was caught (sorry can’t remember his exact name). Justice would have been when the world watching the trial of Osama – that would have been a real winning situation – instead what we get is a hoax and a disappointing ending to a well advertised movie.

    Don’t believe this drama it is a hoax.

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