UMMAH CHANNEL APPEARANCE on NEWSWATCH Show- Govt’s new ‘Prevent’ Strategy

I was invited as a guest on the News Watch Show on the UK based Sattellite Channel- Ummah Channel. The show’s topic focused on the breaking news of the day on the Governments ‘Prevent’ strategy in combatting Islamic Radicalisation and extremism. My key points on the Hour long show were

– The strategy is a re-hash of the old one with cosmetic changes. It still continues to be in denial that British involvement in foreign countries, namely the Muslim world is a key factor to the problems the country faced in 2005 and forward from this. The mere fact that they are making a presence in Libya even now is concerning for many muslim people who view the country as a colonial force whose moral compass is defined by interests and the aspirations of the people.

– The Government is not really interested in combatting terrorism but is trying to force certain ideals on the Muslim community which aim at stopping them being Political and Independent and championing Islam in international issues. Being British means that we only chear-lead British forces, even if they attack countries where a muslim living in Britain may originally come from eg Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

– The government is taking great efforts in defining what views are allowed and not allowed to permeate the British Borders. This is censorship and seriously conflicts with what David Cameron said in his Munich Speech when he mentioned the following

“Move along the spectrum, and you find people who may reject violence, but who accept various parts of the extremist world view, including real hostility towards western democracy and liberal values.”

How can he talk of democracy whilst silencing people who air ideas?

– This Project is about being British we are told, which translates as blind loyalty.We have been told that the Prevent strategy is likely to redefine extremists as those who hold “un-British” views, such as intolerance of equal rights for women. It was only a few weeks ago when Prime Minister Cameron was accused of being patronising and sexist for telling a female opposition cabinet member to “calm down, dear” during an exchange in the House of Commons.

It was Tory Justice Secretary Ken Clarke suggested that “date rape” was not as serious as other kinds of rape. Some statistics estimate that about 72% of women workers have experienced sexist bullying at work, while 85% of women workers believe that there is a bias towards males in their workplaces.

The question is, what values are being talked about when they refer to British Values??

– The majority of the Muslim Community rejected the previous prevent strategy and did not want to associate themselves with any funding which had strings attached from the Government to the ‘dirty work’ of promoting a Government agenda. Likewise this has already been met with serious negativity, and nobody is surprised by this reaction.


  1. Abdul Jabbar says:

    The British government want to deflect the critism of their foreign policy by the muslim community back at us by blaming ‘extremist’ Islam which is to blame for whatever goes wrong in the world. This is clearly a political move to either silence or buy out the muslim community or create fear so that the muslims are pacified and do not question the British foreign policy.


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