Pakistan ‘leadership’ fails to convince people & Armed Forces of continuing subservience to the West

By Abdul Jabbar- What crime has Brigadier Ali Khan committed that some of the Western media have started passing verdicts on him without a shred of evidence. He has been accused of talking to Hizb ut-Tahrir, a non-violent Islamic political party, yet nobody questions Britain or America for openly talking to the Taliban, a listed ‘terrorist’ organisation.

Why doesn’t Kiyani tell them to stop accusing the Pakistan Army of having links with and supporting terrorists?  A good example of the kettle calling the pot black or more like “do as I say not as I do”. Was this arrest due to the pressure of being told to do more? If Pakistan does not do more then America is threatening to cut the aid to Pakistan. Did America not threaten to put Pakistan back into the Stone Age during the Musharraf era?

US aid is only there to weaken and pacify Pakistan so that India could be strengthened to counter China’s growing power. After the humiliating Abbotabad operation Kiyani is under a lot of pressure internally from rank and file officers as well as the people of Pakistan, and externally from the US who keep repeating that Pakistan has to do more. The appetite to do more is running out fast in Pakistan and America knows that.

After the Abbotabad operation and with the Western propaganda, Pakistan is becoming isolated on the International arena. The Pakistani rulers did not feel humiliated and seemed to find it a joyous occasion as they congratulated the Americans on the success of the ‘secret’ mission to kill OBL. It was only China that told the Americans not to interfere in Pakistan.

Contemporary history has seen US supporting and funding the Mujahideen and allowing Zia ul Haq to put Pakistan through the process of Islamification because it served American interests. For the same interests, Musharraf began the process of Western Liberalisation. Currently, Zardari accuses Nawaz Shareef of attempting to bring back the era of Zia ul Haq whilst he continues the work of the dictator Musharraf. It has become clear that under democracy or dictatorship, Pakistan has to follow the American policy instead of it’s own interests.

Why is it the case that Pakistan is not acting like a sovereign state? Why can’t the Pakistan leadership tell Obama as your national interests change, so do ours? Some of the liberals make the excuse that we take money from America to run Pakistan, only when people pay their taxes we could become independent. Everyone seems to agree that Pakistan is not a Sovereign State, the question is how can we become a truly independent State?

Continuing  the US aid will further encourage the Americans to keep making demands from Pakistan. Whilst the ‘democratic’ rulers syphon off as much as possible of that aid out of the country (back into the West) preferably before the next election or coup. The sovereignty of Pakistan is the reason given to us by these self-proclaimed ‘guardians’ who use slogans similar to Musharraf’s ‘Pakistan First’ to justify joining the so called ‘WOT’ and allowing America to commit violations. As far as Pakistan’s foreign policy is concerned, the example of the honest and dishonest accountant comes to mind; if you ask the honest one what is two add two he will say four, but the dishonest (Zardari & co) will ask you how much do you want it to be.

It is laughable that Brigadier Ali Khan has been allegedly accused of making some form of contact with Hizb ut-Tahrir. This should not come as a surprise or shock since Hizb ut-Tahrir openly declares it’s method of communicating with people of power. Also the former chief of army staff, Mirza Aslam Baig, did not hold back in confirming his dialogue with this organisation and even went on to say the programme Hizb proposes is workable in Pakistan. Brigadier Ali Khan has been arrested to forcefully stop any accountability or opposition to Pakistan’s so-called leadership, which has failed to present a convincing argument for their actions to the people and the sincere officers of the Pakistan Army. This arrest also highlights how the Pakistan government is unwilling to have a serious debate and has instead opted to go to any lengths required in order to please the West.

Let us now deal with the continuing debate that is taking place amongst the political medium in Pakistan. The Liberals want us to believe that there are two sides to this debate; one which is pro-Western and the other extremist. There is no room for a third narrative which is pro-Islam and non-violent. This allows the Liberals to maintain a win-win scenario through their biased propaganda. If we do not understand the narratives that are being debated and if we do not engage in order to refute weak arguments, then we have no one else to blame for the false outcome except ourselves. Imtiaz Gul spelled it out as plainly as anyone could on Al Jazeera when he said there is a narrative that is anti-American and anti-Europe, which he likened with Al Qaeda and Taliban. As expected, he did not go on to say that Hizb ut-Tahrir is a non-violent Islamic Political Party which was banned as a result of challenging the dictatorship of Musharraf.

The debate has already began! The question is are we prepared to look at all sides of the argument and then make up our minds. Or are we going to take sides because we may be unaware or wish to purposely ignore some narratives. We have to intellectually charge up our batteries and then dive head-first into the deep end of the debate as enlightened thinkers rather than superficial spectators.

Will we stand for the truth or leave others to control the debate and determine our political destiny?


  1. Abdullah says:

    i agree with the writer. Unless and until Pakistan says goodbye to America and look for a policy of self reliance , we are heading for disaster.

  2. Yahya ibn Yahya says:

    As an american muslim, I think the pakistani people should place in office who thy want to lead them. Here in america we have a few things that need to be looked at also,but to have some other country telling our leaders who to kill or feed is laughable!

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