Ummah Channel “NEWS WATCH” Appearance on NOTW Phone Hacking Scandal

I was invited to the Ummah Channel “News Watch” Show on Tuesday 12th July to discuss the increasingly intense drama over the News of the World newspaper phone hacking scandal. My main points of the show were


The whole episode allowed people to view the inner workings of not just the News of the world , but also of other papers where morals and ethics are thrown to the side and where “the any means necessry” maxim is followed to bag that news Story. Hacking the phones of murder victims and their families was beyond distasteful and continues to pen the debate on intrusion to privacy.

Glen Mulcare, the private investigator hired by the NOTW who did the phone hacking, said “Working for the News of the World was never easy. There was relentless pressure. There was a constant demand for results. I knew what we did pushed the limits ethically. But, at the time, I didn’t understand that I had broken the law at all.”

The Big Boys

but alos highlighted how Politicians were perfectly comfortable in forging relationships with such corporations and leading Capitalist business figures to further their party or theie own Political ambitions.

These business relationships have therefore come to the forefront more leaving a huge question mark on the question “If people vote parties into power as well as these big boy businesses paying hundred of thousands of pounds as ‘donations’ to these parties, whose voice does the government follow- The people’s or the big busineses?

The funding from business partners to these parties is a big issue as Governments in power bend and amend rules to fufill the plans of the Murdochs of today.

In 2001, 20% of Labour’s funding came from large donor. The Conservatives called for an inquiry into a £32m smallpox vaccine contract awarded to a Labour donor without being put out to tender. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has admitted that allegations of sleaze relating to large business donations are “a problem” for the government.

In 2002, According to the Electoral Commission’s register of donations to political parties, they all contributed substantial amounts of cash to Labour Party coffers at around election time last year.

  • Amstrad boss Sir Alan Sugar gave £200,000
  • Funnyman Eddie Izzard contributed £10,000
  • Adventurer Christopher Ondaatje, brother of award winning novelist Michael Ondaatje, wrote a cheque for £100,000

Mr Mittal is the Indian industrialist who donated £125,000 to the Labour Party and received a personal endorsement from Tony Blair during his attempt to buy the Romanian national steelworks.

In 2008, Then shadow Chancellor, Gearoge Osbourne was  accused of receiving donations from Russian Olig Deripaska a.ka. the aluminium King on the queen Yacht when it was clearly illegal to take  or negotiate foreign funds. Peter Mandelson, who was the then Business secratr,  whohad a role in setting rates for aluminium was also sat in the same meetings with Geaorge Osbourne with Olig deripaska who is worth around £10bn in wealth. Allegations made in The times by  Natahniel Rothschild, Deripaska’s friend, reported “Osborne found the opportunity of meeting Mr Deripaska so good that he invited the Conservatives fund raiser Andrew Feldman to accompany him on the boat to solicit a donation”. There was even a conversation on how to get the payment?

Big Brother society

The film “The Truman Show” is not far from this News of the world Episode. A money making director who seeks to exploit the life of  a child for material gain by making him the subject of a Live show which broadcasts his whole life to viewers. The film is  simply a reflection of the tastes and addictions of modern society and the constant up to date daily dosage of gossip on mundane topics which have become the diets for many, end up driving newspapers to sink to such low  levels.

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