Pakistan Spot-Fixing Verdict- Who is to Blame?

By Majed Iqbal- The verdict of three Pakistani Players, jailed for deliberate no balls in a cricket match designed to show that matches can be fixed to bookies has come as a deep shock.

Many described them as talented youngsters with a bright future ahead of them. Mohammed Asif was the second best Test Match bowler in the world whilst Mohammed Amir, a 19-year-old, was already being presented as Pakistan’s next Wasim Akram- A competent all-rounder.

Pakistani Media have lambasted the players for dishonouring the country’s name. New stations after news station has been deliberating on the story trying to get to the bottom of why the players got involved in such activities.

On an international scale, regional relations were under question over the case. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani met Indian counterpart Dr Manmohan Singh during the cricket World Cup semi-final at Mohali earlier this year to possibly re-start cricketing fixtures in each country after Political complications over the Mumbai Attacks back in December 2008

“There is absolutely no chance of revival,” a BCCI official was quoted by a newspaper saying.

So it is inevitable that the Govt in Pakistan will present the match-fixing plots to the nation, blaming the players for the countries regional woes. A sentimental public, emotionally charged and Psyched with Cricketing tradition may possibly buy into the narrative too.

However, speaking to Geo News Former Pakistan Cricketing Veteran, Imran Khan posed a very sensible thought. He said

“I feel very sad today not only for the players but for Pakistan and its cricket. But the fact is that when these players see corrupt people flourishing in our society they think they can get away with anything”

When both under a Democracy and Dictatorship we see no checks and balances, and a political culture which breeds the “Look after number 1” norm, where Poverty is rife due to economic mismanagement, where bribery is the norm to get by the day, where education is limited due to its financial burdens, Where the rich lead lifestyles more Western than Westerners, where a system which is not built on and doesn’t reflect the History, culture and Beliefs of the people and where Islamic ideals like accountability, Justice, rule of law, Public Punishments and a Strong judicial set-up are missing, it is inevitable that Corruption will take root in all sections of society.

What we have to be honest about is who will own up to it and secondly who will champion the alternative solution to the status quo.



  1. I agree with Imran Khan’s assessment, it is our acceptance of corruption in our daily lives as something “normal” has give rise to this beast of fixing in cricket. There is a lot more behind it, though… from Pakistan to India to South Africa… from Malik to Azharuddin to Cronje… organised crime, prominent figures & bookies are running the show from behind the scenes.

  2. The Infamous says:

    It’s interesting why people are so shocked by the corruption in Pakistani cricket… Surely if the entire government in Pakistan since partition has been corrupt, this is going to effect every strata of society. This includes the cricketting community.
    The great schlor of Islam- Imam Qurturbi said ” The People are upon the Deen of their Rulers”

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