Qureshi Joins Tehreek-e-Insaaf- Breaking the “Status Quo”?

By Majed Iqbal- After much discussion in the Media and speculation in Media Circles about the future of the ‘gone rogue’ Former Pakistani Foreign Minster, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, it is now in the open that he has joined Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf (Justice) Party.

A surprising move for a person of such a position in the government who was representing Pakistan on the international arena. However, the turning point for Qureshi was over the Raymond Davis case where he felt he was being cornered and cooerced by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to make a move which was of a compromising nature. He declined and resigned from his position and then wen ton to leave the Govt and his comrades from PPP.

In his own words he would describe this as his principled stance. His wikipedia page about his History in Politics really does highlight that Principles, primality based on Political alliances and mutual benefit is more apt to describe his motivations for hopping around from one movement to the next.

Democracy breeds a culture of selfish pursuit in the name of Working for the interests of the people. This lie has been unveiled in the heart of the mother of Democracies, whether this was the case of MP expenses in Britain, the Murdoch Empire links to Politics in Europe or the ruling dynasties of American Politics who all seem to be on one board or another of giant conglomaorates in the Oil and Gas industries.

Despite Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s drive to break the backbone of Feudal Politics that is dragging the nation down, episodes like Qureshi’s arrival as a ‘Senior’ member of PTI days after joining simply re-enforces that personality Politcs are well and truly alive at the expense of principles. So rather than breaking any status quo, it is simply a case of sustaining what already exists. There is no real departure or change.

What will break the backbone of the cycle of Politics in Pakistan is a goodbye to the colonial mind set which can only view Politics from  Western Paradigms. Real change for Pakistan is already being visioned in Washington and London for the future. It is not secular Politicians they visualise, but ideological Islam whose History they are fully versed with and which is making its mark in the hearts and minds of millions.

Now this would be breaking the status Quo.


  1. Nisar Deen says:

    Imran Khan’s PTI (Puppets Trained Intelligently) have nothing to offer to the Muslims of Pakistan, he wants a secular system based upon the Kufr implemented in Turkey. And now the crooks of Pakistan & cronies of the West are rapidly joining PTI, the wolves have decided to wear sheep’s clothing!

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