BBC 3 Documentary- “Groomed for Sex”

The discussions surrounding Asian gangs and grooming of white girls for sex had been lingering in the background with a few cases reported over the years.

In January 2011, Jack straw decided to draw attention to it, citing that Pakistani Men viewed White Women as ‘Easy Meat’ and culturally there was something there which re-enforced this view.

Majed and other people from Rochdale have participated in a BBC 3 Documentary titled “Groomed for Sex” which has been presented by Adil Ray, a presenter of Pakistani origin, currently working for the BBC on Radio and Television.

The Documentary will be aired tonight- Monday 5th December 2011 on BBC 3 (UK only) at 9PM

The documentary will be available on BBC iPlayer


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  1. ‘Concerned over’…can you hear yourself? Do you really believe that women who are abused are responsible for that? Perhaps that’s where this stems from, women will continue to be treated like this socially and under law so long as there are people who think like that. The blame lies fairly and squarely with perpetraitors, stop one moment and consider your question – perhaps one of the (potentially many) reasons that she could not simply walk away and report this was the feeling that SHE was to blame, perhaps even the knowledge that many people (such as yourself) would make assumptions about her based on what has happened to her and that the law would not be on her side.
    AbuTalha, you’re right – we should understand that this seems to be fairly unique to British Pakistani men – that was infact the point of the programme – to try to understand why this was happening. I also agree with your points re the media and how it portrays women men then feel they are a commodity, a consumable not people, not important – but it is not an acceptable reason to abuse women, it is not something men can use as a get out clause – their own moral compass is in question here. Of course there are more white sex offenders in this country, there are more whites than asians anyway, this brave documentary was not saying asian men are the abusers in this country, it was asking the very important question – why is this very specific type of grooming and sexual exploitation happening and why has it become so normal within groups of young asian men up and down the country – so normal for them that think it’s entertainment, they don’t see the problem?…but WE must.
    Wendy, you said ‘Would this programme have been produced if it was not directed at Muslims, or Pakistanis . I doubt it.’ But that is precisley why this programme has been referred to as brave – because infact people are scared, usually, to bring anything like this up because of accusations of alterior motive.

  2. There is a pattern here if you look at other countries also. In holland the grooming is done by mainly moroccan men…in australia by arab men. Here in Oslo we have a big problem with assault rapes and men from north africa and the middle east.

    Some day ppl might begin to understand that cultures that segregate men and women, and cover women up…create SOME men that have serious issues with regards to women. Some day……

  3. Concerned over BBC Pakistani bashing says:

    Farah if she had the decency to walk away and know the men are upto no good then she would have not got into this trouble. its common sense surly you should have this level of knowledge?

  4. 1:The posters asking why the girl didn’t ‘do anything’, its because the groomers had gained her trust by using Pakistani young children of her own age then passing her on to older men.
    2: Yes, ‘only’ a quarter of sex groomers are Pakistani but when that is a HUGE number when you realize that they only make up 3% of the population.

  5. This is such a despicable crime and I think more so especially as these seems to be a growing trend among uneducated, Pakistani Muslims in Britain..(A lot of the ones in the UK are the ones from villages in Pakistan).

    The event in Rochdale ( trial in Liverpool )needs to be seen in the context of the mindset of the 11 or so Pakistani men. It will surely embarrass Muslims and the Pakistani community as most of them are hard-working and law abiding people..And it is also a sad reflection on the fringes of British society where children from broken families are allowed to be in such a vulnerable situation .

    These men knew that these kids were from broken families , had too low a self-esteem to report anything as these girls expected to be treated with abuse. These children had no sense of belonging and worth and these men preyed on that. Muslims shun alcohol but ironically these men used the one thing that they are banned from consuming themselves in their religion to give out to these young girls .

    Of course religion comes into it as these warped men thought they had a moral high ground could get away with it as these girls “enjoyed” the “sinful” alcohol and they deserved to be used as meat for their pleasure ..I have grave concerns that they didn’t see this as pedophilia as according to the Koran , men can have sex with women once they reach puberty . Of course most Muslims don’t do this -but some low-life men use this as a framework to justify their actions. Otherwise surely one of these men would have seen sense and stopped the others. The sad fact is as Julia says (its their attitude to women/girls which is is deplorable) I can bet majority of them had uneducated , disempowered ,vieled wives from “back home”sitting at home producing even more babies – cooking their meals while they were out doing this

    These men should have been given life for their actions to serve an example to other men in their community that this is not acceptable in the UK.

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