BBC3 Documentary “Groomed for Sex” Appearance

The Documentary titled “Groomed for sex” was aired on National British Television on BBC on 5th December 2011. The subject was related to the Pakistani Community and when contacted i felt obliged to participate and try to present some clear thoughts on the issue that may help salvage the Pakistani and Muslim Community from the Media Witch hunt, which we often see after such issues come to the forefront.

The aired documentary covered many parts of the UK and was packed with many interviews for the hour-long show. Inevitably that meant that when it came to edit time, only selected clips would be used due to time restrictions. BBC filmed myself and 3 other Friends from Rochdale for over an hour. Many of which would not make it to the final edit.

I therefore wish to shed some light on the discussions which didn’t get airtime that took place on the day of filming. My Key points were

  • Jack Straw, a seasoned Politician with a track record of high positions in Government raised the issue now (january 2011) rather than before when odd cases were being reported. Why?
  • There have been European Gangs operating for years on end with a sophisticated Network, trafficking women from Europe for Prostitution. Why no reference to ‘European Culture’ being responsible for this sort of treatment of women?
  • Britain has a legal Adult industry where men can ‘take their pick’ to choose from a wide range of resources for Sexual Gratification which pushes the boundaries all the time on how they feel about women
  • Many people could come under the bracket of viewing women as “Easy Meat”. This breeds reckless and irresponsible attitudes and behaviours towards women.
  • When Pakistani Culture is attacked, it essentially is talking about Islamic Values which opens the door to unjustified  Religious hatred and intolerance based on a handful of cases of men convicted for Grooming
  • There is a mentality that “We will commit crime if we can get away with it”. This mindset was seen with the rioters in Summer, MP Expenses, Bankers and even Celebrities who earn millions but yet were found stealing from Shops! This view is born from ‘looking after Number 1’ where a person feels unaccountable to any Govt, Police, person or deity

WATCH the Documentary here on BBC iPlayer. Watch me and friends speak at 22:28 minutes into the show


  1. Concerned over BBC Pakistani bashing says:

    Adil Ray made a valid point on the documentary. For this issue to be addressed the community elders need to address the issue of forced marriages. most Pakistanis in the UK hail from rural villages from northern Pakistan and have a strong relationship with their clans (biradari) many marriages have been arranged this way without even asking the opinion of the youngster. The youngsters who are most likely 3rd British Pak generation feel the need to go out and explore their desires, meaning having intimate relations with white British women. These lads have no option but to agree to the marriage proposal from one of their cousins. Surly this needs to be tackled by educating the elders. It comes down in taking the age old issue of forced arrange marriages. No doubt this will be used as a tool to target innocent law abiding Pakistanis.

  2. I don’t for a minute attribute the grooming of young girls to Islam, that is just ridiculous, but there does seem to be a sense of denial coming from some in the Pakistani community, sure enough people from other cultural groups are also guilty of grooming but when you have well over 200 reported cases in Blackburn alone, and the vast majority of them out carried out by men of Pakistani origin then it needs to be addressed by that community.
    On top of this, if you look in local newspapers where there are is large Pakistani communities you will see cases of rape and grooming appearing on an almost weekly basis.
    Inaction from the community will only bolster the support of low lifes like the EDL and BNP

  3. Concerned over BBC Pakistani bashing says:

    Some young muslims who care and want to take a stand to correct the ‘the few bad apples within the community’ become victims of media bashing. It becomes an instant news storyline of islamic redicalisation by the media.
    So how do we takle this issue without being accused of promoting terrorism?

  4. Well-written blog Majed. I just wanted to make a comment on the grooming issue. You are wrong to remove ethnicity/culture from the equation. What happens in northern england is mirrored here in oslo, norway. It’s no coincidence that perpetrators in assault rapes in oslo are almost exclusively from north african and middle eastern countries. Its no coincidence that victims are white girls. It’s no coincidence that i can walk in peace on the streets of western oslo, while i regularly will receive abusive comments from pakistani and somali guys in eastern oslo.

    If you cant see that cultures that cover women up (as far as clothing goes) and limit women from participation in the public space of society, create some men that fail at respecting girls who dress and live in a ‘european way’…what can you see?
    If noone adresses the cultural component…these issues will never go away.

  5. johanna says:

    They are not really “russian mafia” that traffics white sexslaves around, they are hardly europeans at all

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