COMMENT- ‘Students turn to Prostitution to fund Studies’

By Majed Iqbal- A report aired on BBC Radio 5 live today morning on  ‘Students turning to Prostitution to fund their Studies’ grabbed my attention immediately.

The report highlighted that more and more students were turning to work in the sex industry to pay their way through university in the face of rising tuition fees and living costs. One statistic stated that

“One in every five lapdancers was a student”

A few months back i came across a ARY News Feature which highlighted that international Female Pakistani students were moving in with Pakistani boys to save on living costs. Like the report on prostitution, this story was also a concerning one.

Whilst anyone can empathise with both scenarios here, what we can stand back and learn is how certain cultural norms and values define how we make our choices. Prostitution is readily available up and down the country. In Fact there are even many voices calling to legalise the ‘trade’ and to have it ‘regulated’ with Prostitutes declaring their earnings!

There is also measure of supply and demand at work here too where both parties consider the act viable for exchange of services for money. Back this up with an Adult Industry which churns out fantasies through magazines, DVD’s and internet sites and a popular culture which promotes sex like eating a McDonald fillet-o-fish meal. And Friday Night isn’t exactly about going to a club to listen to music is it!?

At my University Freshers week, i vividly remember a poster plastered across the campus and student Halls of residence stating boldly “Imagine waking up in bed with a total stranger?”. So these are the dwellings we live in today which are labelled as progressive and ‘free’ ideals.

Allah (swt) has afforded both men and women opportunities to excel in life but without falling into dangerous zones

This applies to both men and women.We cannot compromise our ideals for that promotion, change our dress to impress  to become people’s eye candy and we definitely dont drop out guard for our sexuality no matter what is  presented in front of us. Islam honours us this way and Allah (swt) opens up other doors that we could not have imagined about for our sustenance.

Pakistani girls coming from a background and an up-bringing where chastity and Honour are protected to Western Capitals will be subject to the same norms that girls are growing up here with where women are made to compete in any way possible to gain ‘equality’ with men.

Only the Islamic way of thinking can aid humanity from the self-destructive ideas that permeate society today, where success in life is not merely merited on your qualifications gained by any means necessary.

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