POEM- One Way

By Poet 786 

The one who has gone, will he ever return

He shall never return, forever he has gone

A permanent abode, life was never meant to be

Only if he realised he was on a journey

It was temporary, but he was never to understand

For he was fooled by the shade of the tree

“For this life compared to the Akhirah is like the traveller under the shade of the tree for moments of rest”

He was to proceed towards his destiny

But his efforts were spent in acquiring luxury

Today he faces the wrath of Allah

Wishing he had tread the path of Allah

Pleading to be granted a few breaths in the Duniya

Knowing how he had closed every gate of Jannah

Realising his abode to be the fire of Jahannam

Knowing we are for Allah & to Him is our return


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