I was invited onto the “Debate Night” show on Ummah Channel, a popular UK-based Islamic Satellite station to discuss the recent events in Syria. There have been reports of Syrian Ruler, Bashr Al-Assad attempting to portray the uprising as the work of ‘outside forces’ and ‘foreign Islamic Extremists’. The heavy-handedness of the regime has had no bounds with many killed, including children who have  been tortured to death.

The panelists for the Show were

Haytham (Syrian International student)

Basil (Member of Syrian Opposition Group)

Iqbal Bhana (Thinker)

Majed Iqbal (Blogger and Freelance Journalist)

My key points on the show focused around how the Syrian protests must move forward from here

  • The genuine desire for change from tyranny is what is being expressed in these protests. People were tired of the regime and the examples of Tunisia and Egypt have played an inspirational role in sparking off these events
  • Despite the courageous efforts by the Tunisians and Egyptians, the ‘revolutions’ have still not materialised with Egyptian Army still playing a major role in the Politics of the country and in Tunisia, Hillary Clinton’s visit with the Transitional government only confirmed the ‘wait and see’ policy of the West before re-engaging in securing its interests
  • Islam has played a role in these revolutions with calls for Khilafah (Islamic System) echoing from various corners
  • The revolution in Syria requires direction and not a repeat result in surrounding countries
  • Syria’s make up is mixed with people from different religions, backgrounds and races living together. An Islamic System has the ability to gel all these factions together as what has been demonstrated from the Sunnah of the Holy prophet (saw) in the very first Islamic State’s Constitution in Medina where Jews, Muslims, Christians and Idol worshippers lived under the central authority of Islam
  • Immediate support is required for thousands of Syrian families and we should help financially
  • The Muslim Ummah is One Ummah and see’s her problems as one. This feeling needs to translate into the Political idea that Islam promotes, which is working to build a State which merges the Arab States together
  • Remember, these Arab States including Syria were carved out on the Ashes of the Khilafah as documented in the Sykes- Picot agreement. The West realised then as well as now that a divided Islamic World is better than a united one.
  • Support the Syrians in championing Khilafah to aid the revolution there which has been promised in many Hadith

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