LETTER to Media- ‘US Marines urinate on Dead Taliban Fighters’

A video surfacing on YouTube depicting four U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters is being labelled as images that could possibly be used as a propaganda tool by America’s enemies, US experts have said.

These same experts denied the atrocities of sexual misconduct, beating, electrocution and humiliation of innocent detainees in Abu Ghraib in Iraq, the rape and torture of Afia Siddiqui in Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan, stories of religious insults against Islam and the Holy Book of Muslims, Quran, by US soldiers detailed in memoirs of detainees at the notorious ‘Guantanamo Bay’ Prison.

The War on Terror was going to win the hearts and minds of millions to show the world what real civilised societies are all about by exporting democracy by the barrel of a gun.

And what about the ‘cultural’ liberation when US Soldiers on landing in Iraq were giving out free Playboy Magazines to Iraqi’s

So is this what we mark as civilisation delivered by World leading ‘liberating’ forces?

Is it any wonder that no matter which countries western forces interfere in there is utter resentment and no support for their imperial adventures?

Majed Iqbal

Rochdale- (UK)


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