Ummah Channel Appearance- “SYRIA- One year on”

I was invited onto the Debate Night Program on the UK Based Satellite Station, Ummah Channel to discuss the deteriorating Situation in Syria, one year on since the uprising started against the regime.

Hosted by Mohamed Shafeeq, i was joined by Panelist Iqbal  Bhanna, a thinker, to debate the issues on the topic. My Key points on the program were

  • We have to salute the courage and determination of the Syrian people in their efforts to oust Bashar Al-Assad the murderer
  • Kofi Annan’s announcement on denouncing Bashar’s regime are hypocritical. Where was the UN before this? Syria’s brutal regime has been oppressing its people for decades yet Western Governments have had cordial relations with both father and Son
  • Saudi and Turkish Initiatives to help arm anti-regime elements are laughable. Wasn’t it both of these states whose airbases were used by the US to strike at Iraq? How can they be taken seriously? Are they not just executing a wider plan from Europe?
  • Where is Iran, the Messiah of the Middle East? Where is Hezbollah who fought Israel in Lebanon in 2006 and regained some Lebanese territory? Where are their voice at this critical juncture of time for the Syrian People?
  • The chants of the Syrians are echoed by their valour and awe of personalities like Khalid ibn Walid (RA), buried in Syria, who fought and stood for Islam and defended an expanding Khilafah State in his time
  • This is not an internal Syrian Problem. IF Saudi Arabia can send its own troops across the border to Bahrain to defend its interests, then this can also be done for Syria, if Saudi has the political Will.
  • The Defectors from the Syrian Regime, both Politicians and Army personnel need to remember that they can make a change. They need to remember the famous incident when Jibreel (AS) came to the Beloved Prophet (SAW) and informed him that today one of your companions’ death caused Allah’s Arsh (throne ) to be shaken. Immediately the Beloved Prophet (SAW) asked for Saad ibn Muadh. On that Day 60,000 angels came to pray the janaza of Saad. he was the Noble Sahabi who provide the Physical support to establish the First Islamic State in Madinah where Islam was implemented. The defectors can have this reward too by treading on the Islamic path for change and bolstering support for Khilafah amongst the influential ranks in the forces and government.

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