GROOMING CASE- BBC North West Interview

Watch my interview on BBC North west aired on 08/05/2012, commenting on the Grooming of White girls by Pakistani men in Rochdale.


  1. hindutva inshallah says:

    Hello Majed, I heard your comment that it was not racial, but can you then explain to me why no Pakistani girls were abused by these scumbags?

    • majedsblog says:

      These specific men did not prey on Pakistani girls, bit there are several other stories which have not made it nationally involving Pakistani men grooming Pakistani girls. You can find out about these issues by searching on the Asian News (UK) Website as well as reading the latest edition of Asian Express on

      I can assure you, that this is not a race issue but where men with obscene ideas have taken it to extremes. The below report on Channel 4 clearly highlights these issues. Please watch the last few minutes

  2. hindutva inshallah says:

    Hello again Majed, for me the reason they did not go for girls from their own community is down to ‘don’t shit on your own doorstep’ mentality. It is the same as white racists who do not attack other whites. Racism is a them and us mentality. Those girls were raped because they were kaffirs and infidels.

  3. on the ummah show debate you were advocating sending guidance notes to various islamic organisations, mosques etc. in this interview and on the tv show, you went to great lengths to say this crime is nothing to do with islam. You and the other panel member were clear that these people are criminals, and why should we as a community do anything. i’m confused, if its nothing to do with islam then surely the answer is to do nothing?

  4. jim harrison says:

    Why is it that as soon as there are serious crimes involving asian men or women, the police can’t wait to defend them. do the police think they are talking to idiots or blind people? (no offense to the blind) Just in case they had missed the point all of the groomers are pakistani men. why are they attempting to blame the young girls saying it was thier fault because they are vulnerable. The police are scum and we can never live in a peaceful society as long as the police continue lying about reality

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