Ummah Channel- ‘Rochdale Grooming Case’ Show

I was invited onto the UK based Satellite Station, Ummah Channel on 09/05/2012 on the Prime Time Show , CommUNITY Platform’ to discuss the recent convictions and sentencing of 9 Pakistani men from my home town Rochdale for the crime of grooming white girls for sex.

The High profile case has been reported heavily in the media in the last months with huge emphasis on the race and religion of these men as somehow being a factor in the carrying out of these crimes.

The Show titled “Rochdale Grooming- Where here from now” aimed to address these issues and the way forward for the community from here.

I was joined by Panelist Mazhar Khan. the show was hosted by Anjum Anwar


  1. Yasmin says:

    Rapists, perverts and filthy pedophiles do not have a nationality, just as murderers, cheaters, liars don’t. We never see on the newspapers white rapist/pedophile committed so and so. These scums should be given the highest sentence and we as a society should reflect on why our children consent to give away their virginity for sexual favors. Where were the parents? carers? There are sexual predators littered on the streets who look out for vulnerability, why are children trading sex for a packet of crisp? It’s lunacy from all angles.

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