ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- New arrests made in second Rochdale sex Grooming case

Read my article written for the Asian Express Newspaper, on the Rochdale Sex grooming Case analysing the issues surrounding the story which have made national headlines.

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  1. Julia says:

    Read Emmas story …and then call her a racist and tell her she lies about these men having issues with viewing whitegirls as “lower” as she puts it. I dare yoy Blame Emmas parents….i dare you. Do your usual thing with looking at and blaming everything except the men and how they talk about and treat girls.

    • majedsblog says:

      From your comments it is apparent that you have not even read the article piece . This may explain why your comments on this post are so wayward.

      ‘Broken Britain’, a term coined by the Conservative party has a role in this discussion too. Even the Politicians have admitted to this!

      My sympathies go out to the girls who were treated horribly by these sexual predators who deserve what they got and will also stand in the courtyard of Allah on the Day of judgement and will be answerable for the corruption which they thought they could hide the world away from.

    • Julia says:

      You are simply not willing to comment om what Emma and other victims are saying about these mens view on whitegirls. Do you think the girls are lying?
      As for broken britain Emma is not a product of that and i know there is no broken norway to explain why some pakistani men here in Oslo adress norwegian girls in certain ways.

    • majedsblog says:

      My heart goes out to Emma for coming forward and exposing these criminals. I will be buying her book and reading about her ordeal.

      Broken Britain refers to the values which are creating social problems in society. This includes free contraception given out in schools to children when sex before 16 years of age is illegal.

  2. Julia:
    I can feel and understand your anger.
    I just want you to know one thing. If those men followed Islam and the example of the Prophet (pbuh). They would stay at home with their families in the evenings and only have relations with their wife. Islam is not to be blamed in any way, Islam is the solution to this problem. I hope you will rethink before posting more angry remarks about Islam,

    Majed mate you dropped the ball on this one. Pointing fingers at others is not what Islam teaches. I have been taught that improvement starts with the man in the mirror. You know as well as me that there is a problem with how white girls are regarded by elements in our community. Furthermore you know there is a problem in general with the position of women in our community. We have one set of rules for our sons and a stricter set of rules for our daughters. I’m no wahabi or deobandi. I follow Islam not a cult.

    What we hear from the victims and what we hear from the men on trial is enough to know that there is a racist and a cultural element at play here. Like that girl Emma. Read what she says about that particular bit.

    I have to say there is an eerie similarity between what you are saying about this topic and what the men on trial are saying. They have raped and enslaved young girls, and they blame the girls and their parents. I think its time we start to think about why this is happening in the pakistani community and not in the sikh or hindu community.

    For my own part i stopped using white girls as bad examples around the dinner table when instructing my 2 daughters and my son. It seemed innocent or inconsequential enough, but its as bad and destructive as the everyday-racism around white dinner tables isnt it?

    • majedsblog says:

      Im sorry nav, but hav you even read the article??

      I cant understand where you’ve got this notion from that im pointing fingers at the girls and holding them responisble! ludricous!

    • Pointing your fingers at the girls parents (or the girls culture) is basically pointing your fingers at the girls. You need to start looking at what the girls are saying about how these men regard white-girls. You need to start looking at what these men are saying about white-girls or about British culture in court. It’s not a pretty reality but we as a community need to start asking ourselves questions like:
      why isn’t this happening in Hindu communities?

      I’m sorry mate but when you deny any racial or cultural aspect in street grooming in the UK in 2012 its impossible to take what you are saying seriously.

    • majedsblog says:

      Nav, once again, i ask, where in the article is that reference made? Your comment

      “Pointing your fingers at the girls parents (or the girls culture) is basically pointing your fingers at the girls.”

      is a reflection of your own deduction and not what was expresses in this Newspaper article.

      Your comments

      “why isn’t this happening in Hindu communities?” or other communities for that argument

      Please check out the article below which highlights how sexual attitudes of British men towards women lead to certain actions and lets ask the question, are these specific to a community?

      The article written, presented comments from all sides to give a balanced view on the complex topic of grooming which many had reduced to cheap shots.

    • Julia says:

      Nav: except the quran and the example of the prophet doesnt tell men to only have relations with one woman. What about slavegirls and prisoners of war. Also the reason those men look down on whitegirls are partially because islam infuses your culture with a receipe for how ‘honourable’ girls should dress and live. The very culture of european girls is why those men target us and see us as low. The very culture of european girls is why Majed is so busy preaching how bad non-muslim society is instead of Even once adress the racist and cultural aspects of this case. It is crystalclear from what both victims and abusers Are saying that race and culture is s big part of it and yet he says its not a part of it and goes back to preaching islam. This girl Emma and others Are saying pakistani men hold Them in low regard…and ppl like Majed pretend not to hear it. Its like spitting the victims in the face.

      It makes me glad to hear pakistani ppl admit to the problem because if you dont then nothing Will be done about it. But you are kinda saying something similar to Majed…that the solution to it is in your (islamic) culture and we now have to succumb to that if european girls are to get respect. What if we want to keep our culture including social freedom on equal terms

    • majedsblog says:

      Julia, your arguments are getting cheaper in standard by using your hatred for Islam to view the issue of grooming.

      There seems to be a heavy overlap with the arguments we face ere in the UK by EDL and you are singing the tunes of Brevik with your great speeches on Freedom and tolerance whilst calling for assimmilation, or in the case of terrorist Brevik, to resort to desperate measures to enforce their views.

      Very tolerant indeed!!

    • Julia says:

      With men and freedom to dress how we like? Can we not do that in our own countries and expect a group of new arrivals to adapt to that and respect us the same way the do girls from their own culture?

    • Majed:

      to quote Emma from the article:

      “Emma believes, on the basis of her own experience, that there was something in the culture of second- and third-generation men from the Indian sub-continent that drew them into such activities. “White girls are classed as lower,” she says. “These men class women as lower anyway, but white women are lower still.”

      This is consistent with what victims have said in statements since these horrors were first unearthed. And it is consistent with transcripts of what the asian men involved have said concerning white girls.

      An interesting quote from Simon Danzuk:

      “Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, told BBC Radio 5 Live that he has had to throw Asian men out of his office for the way they have spoken about young white girls: “There is a culture that exists, I believe, within the Asian community … a small group of Asian men who have a particular view about young white girls that is completely unacceptable… They have made derogatory comments about young white girls that I have not heard made by other men. This is not a one off case.” The statistics appear to bear him out. Of 68 recent convictions for child “grooming”, 59 were for Pakistani men.”

      As for groping by british men. If white brits grope more than asians, that is something that needs to be looked into. That goes without saying. One needs to find out why and then do something about it. Just like we need to find out why pakistanis are so horribly overrepresented in the grooming horror. Trying to ignore this particular truth is incredibly counter-productive. Not to mention an insult to the abused girls.

      The problem is in the behavior of some muslims, not in islam.Please don’t speak ill of the Prophet (pbuh) who is great beyond your understanding. If you read the quran you will find it far from your expectations.
      Not all muslims are like Majed. There are many among us who are starting to look critically at the position of women in our communities and also at how white girls are viewed.

      And with that i bow out.

    • majedsblog says:

      Sorry once again Nav

      Where in the article is that reference made where I’m holding the girls responsible?

      I ask again, Have you read the article?

      Simon Danczuk met with Rochdale Council of Mosques. Their press release disagreed with his analysis. Quite frankly as a Politician he was forced to take the Labour Party line on this from his fellow party comrade, Jack Straw who started off this debate into a race row in Jan 2011.

      So why have over half of London’s women been groped? WHere is the race discussion here, or the ‘cultural’ factor??

      Maybe you havnt been folioing the Murdoch Enquiry as to how issues get polarised in national media for Political ends.

      The research is all out there, if you’re willing to price the discussions together

  3. majedsblog says:

    Just some further reading to widen your horizons….

    Why do some men consider the street as a female meat market?

    • Julia says:


      With regards to edl and Breivik. Parts of breiviks ‘manifesto’ has been published in norwegian papers and he never says he supports freedom and tolerance. His goal is to dismantle scandinavian social democracy. He desires a religious state (chistian) instead. He wants men to be primaryproviders and women to be housewives. He wants to make it illegal for homosexual ppl to live out their orientation. He claims muslims conspire to make a european sharia state and wants to deport muslims. His main target is ppl like me. I’ve been s member of socialist youth for 10 years. My little sister was on summercamp on Utøya two years ago. One of her friends got shot in the arm on Utøya last summer. My values are the exact opposite of the childkillers: i support our secular socialdemocracy with identical rights for all ppl regardless of race, gender, orientation, or religion. If you exchange muslims with jews in breiviks manifesto you have something radical islamists could have easily written

    • Julia says:

      Meat market:

      Some ppl see the streets in such a way. We need to take actions to instill s better morale in people. Men are statistically very overepresented in who sees the street this way so we need to focus on mens view on women.
      As for the situation in Oslo I’ve never been harassed on the street by a norwegian man. I have been harased many times by immigrant men. Already in 2003 a sociologist wrote about how some norwegian girls in eastern oslo had begun to dress more like pakistani girls to get respect from boys with immigrant background. You might be the last person on the planet to see that a cultural aspect is at play here and that measures need to be taken to make sure that men from different cultures respect the women of the country they have moved to Even though we dress in our own way.

      The phenomenon of grooming in the uk needs to be adressed on all levels. Since pakistani men are very statistically overrepresented we need to find out why and adress that issue as part of the solution. Both statements by the victims and remarks by the offenders show that race and culture play a part. Why you dont want to adress this is beyond me and most ppl i suppose.

      Finally concerning the EDL Which it seems you are trying to link me with: i am not opposed to immigration and my views on how many refugees and asylumseekers norway is to accept yearly are very liberal and founded in the human rights declaration

      I am still waiting for a serious answer from you as to why you ignore the huge statistical overrepresentation of pakistanis in grooming ….and why you ignore what the victims are saying about these mens views on whitegirls….How can you lie so blatantly and say that race and culture is no part of this?

      I hope you can try to do like me and answer thoroughly instead of basically saying nothing.

    • majedsblog says:

      Julia, Its nice to see how you dodge questions yet try to lay the blame on the other person instead, an art indeed!. You spent 2 lines discussing the “London Gropers” and then went into the usual rant of race and religion.

      Lets talk about sexual harassment in Norway. Sexual harassment is based on how a particular sex views the other in an inferior way. This is similar to what you mentioned about the Rochdale Groomers. This leads onto various forms of exploitation which can get into dangerous situations.

      Lets look at some very simple research which you are ignoring by repeatedly referencing race into every discussion.

      – Myths cloud attitudes toward rape

      – Female MPs sexually harassed

      – Sexual harassment: A prevalent problem in Norwegian working life

      Im not defending in any way rapes that have taken place by people who are from ethnic backgrounds. They should be punished. But just like the above cases, its all about control, vulnerability, dominating and sexual attitudes shaped by Adult and Pornographic content which is LEGAL in Norway and across Europe.

      Maybe the following article may help you further in understanding the complexity of such cases and how a range of factors play into creating sexually deviant predators looking for opportunity to lash out their lusts and fantasies on innocents.

      – UK acts on kids addicted to online porn

      The groomers took their inspirations from many factors mentioned in the article which was readily available.

      This applies to all groomers and gropers, whether UK or Norway.

  4. Julia says:

    Lets make our next topic of debate groping. We can also debate any ethnocultural overrepresentation in the data on groping as it is of vital importance no matter which way it goes.

    Back to what we were discussing – grooming.

    I have asked you about 20 times what you think about Emma and other victims remarks on how those men view white girls. Ready to answer yet or will you avoid it yet another time. I see you have no problem calling labour politicians liars and saying that imams who speak out on the racial and cultural elements of grooming are not trustworthy. So do you think Emma and other victims who speak out on these mens views on whitegirls are liars? Or do you think this simply doesnt matter. It doesnt matter that since 60 out of the last 69 grooming cases in the UK have had pakistani abusers? You are sure there is no racial or cultural element at play…even thought the victims are sure of it? Answer this time or will you avoid answering for the 21st time?

    On a more hopeful note:
    a group of Bradford imams are collaborating with the Bradford city council to address view on non-muslim girls in the muslim communities in Bradford.
    Imam alyas karmami has written an analysis of how culture plays an integral part in why pakistani men are so overrepresented in grooming cases.
    Mohammed Shafiq is far from alone in saying that the predators target white girls because they see white girls as worthless.

    This leaves you and Hizb-ut-tahreer to ignore the victims statements on the attitudes of the perpetrators and ignore the statistical overrepresentation of pakistanis in grooming…..and continue pointing your finger at british society. You have not even once considered what girls like Emma are saying in the courts about the men innvolved…not once :) So you think Emma lies…or she is wrong to focus on this?

    I know at least norwegian society is not broken. I know because its not norwegian men who harass me for wearing shorts and tshirt on the streets in my own city. Its some men with immigrant backgrounds who clearly have problems dealing with girls from my culture and way of life in a respectful way. We can adress the problem and start educating those young men about norwegian culture…or we can do it your way and talk about why i dress the way i dress.

    • majedsblog says:

      Julia, as usual you have deflected debate and tried to blame the opposite person for doing what you have done. Applause!

      You were very quick to evade the discussion about London’s women being groped, or better said, “seen as easy meat” but this does not concern your Islamophobic position on this case, which is to blame the issue entirely on race and religion.

      Im not sure if you’re reading the comments of support i have made for Emma or any other girl involved in the torturous incidents inflicted by those sexual predators. Maybe you’re deliberately choosing to ignore these discussion points i have raised.

      But lets get back to grooming like you say which is defined as the following

      “the criminal activity of becoming friends with a child, especially over the Internet, in order to try to persuade the child to have a sexual relationship with you”


      This leads to the next point that grooming has been a changing phenomenon. This can happen in Dates, courting school girls from within schools amongst ‘friends’, and even beyond 16 years plus where girls can be roped into sexual activities for favours.

      I was sent the below text, breaking down the discourse on Grooming

      Grooming: The Dodgy Accounting…

      STEP 1 – Take ALL grooming and divide it into smaller sub-sections e.g. grooming in care, grooming in schools, grooming at home, internet grooming etc.

      STEP 2 – Give the grooming done by some Muslim Pakistani Men its own sub-category of ‘street gang grooming’ (a glorified form of kerb-crawling).

      STEP 3 – Because even at this point there are not sufficient numbers to racialise the crime, add new sub-section: ‘in some northern towns’.

      EUREKA! Now they have pointed at the MICROCOSM of the crime and Muslim Pakistani Men are now the ‘majority’ in the crime of ‘street gang grooming in some northern towns’ (may as well have added ‘above tandoori takeaways’; sub-section) and then ‘Pakistani Culture’ with Islamophobic undertones hits the headlines!

      FACT: Taking all crime down to a MICROCOSMIC level can be done to point the finger at ANY RACE/CULTURE/RELIGION.

      Julia, that just about sums up your Islamophobic attitude to the discussion


  5. I don’t think the vast majority of sex grooming cases are perpetrated by Pakistanis. That is not to say there are no Pakistani predators, there definitely are, but the problem is not as endemic as you suggest. I think these predators looked for the most vulnerable girls in society. They wanted sex with any girls. I think there was no racial motive. I certainly don’t think there is a belief in the Pakistani community that nativ girls are lesser beings or deserve to be mistreated. There is no evidence what-so-ever to suggest that men in the Pakistani community target white girls just because they are white. I think predators target the most vulnerable girls who just so happen to be white. No one denies that there are some racist Pakistanis in Rochdale. Just as some nativ Brits think Pakistanis are inferior, there are also some Pakistanis who think that native Brits are inferior.

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