COMMENT: EDL calls for ‘Burning Quran’ in Rochdale Rally

 By Majed Iqbal- This weekend saw the English defense League pouring into Rochdale to protest against what they believe was underlying cultural issues which saw 9 men convicted last month for grooming under-age girls for sex.

EDL visited last year too in March, voicing concern over the same issue. But this time it was different. The arguments were more refined and directed. It wasn’t the usual rants that have been echoed by EDL members at national rallies; “extremist Islam is the problem”, or “Muslims want Shariah law”. This time it was one step ahead.

Outside Rochdale Town centre, EDL leader, Tommy Robinson held the Quran and said, “this book legitimises the rape, prostitution and abuse of our daughters”.

Crowds cheered him on as he continued to deplore what he referred to as a ‘7th century text’

The reason why these men rape these children it could be because they’re perverted criminals, but It could be they’re following this manual. When will the police and Politicians realise the link between this and them men raping our kids…..This is the link. Be brave enough to identify it” Said Tommy Robinson

Then came the bombshell. In front of a packed crowd of around 200 people he said publicly

What is stopping me from burning it (the Quran)?

Protestors in the crowd began jeering, whilst some said “Let me burn it Tommy” offering lighters.

The calls of MP Geert Wilders to ban the Quran, describing it as the equivalent to Hitler’s ‘mein kampf’ and Pastor Jone’s Publicity act of ‘Burn a Quran’ Day may have seemed far off events, distant to the shores of Britain and too notorious for a ‘mature’ Democracy like Britain. But the recent rants in the Rochdale rally may have made us realize that its more closer to home than anticipated

Anders Breivik, the convicted Norwegian terrorist who murdered over 70 people and injured many others in his shooting and bombing spree, tread on similar views. In fact, he even praised the EDL in his ‘manifesto’ titled “2083- A European declaration of Independence” claiming he shared a similar ideological stance

It is surprising to see no de-radicalisation programs from the government for EDL, no demand of the communities the members of this outfit come from to spy on them and report their activities, no demand of surveillance from University lecturers to spot signs of radical views, no government funding being poured into these communities to work ‘grassroots’ on tackling the ‘problem’ and no signs of proscription for the threatening and inciting comments, especially those aired in Rochdale town centre on the weekend.

I’ve heard of the above approach, in full swing, but with a different community in Britain. Now who may that be?


  1. Pakistani youths have been vicitim of Paki bashing by the society for the last 50 years. Since 9/11 they have been viictim of terrorism by the British media and Establishment. Now they are vicitim of sexual grooming. They groom 13-18 year olds for sex. These girls KNEW these men, they weren’t just kidnapped off the street and raped and dumped. They had a CHOICE whether to talk to these men or get in there cars, go to clubs with them, go for meals with them etc… Yet they kept coming back. As bad as this may sound, no wonder these men thought these girls were “up for it”. Why are children having sex in the first place? 12 years old and did not regret having sex? Why are they even able to get access to someone else to actually do the deed? Why are they not at home or doing something with a small group of trusted friends? I’m afraid society has let down the young; no girl should have the option to have 1 let alone 3 abortions.

  2. Sander says:

    Well it doesn’t take a genius to see the link, you cannot use a football hooligan like Tommy Robinson and friends to discredit legitimate concerns regarding the position of woman and non-Muslims in general in the Islamic texts which get translated in Muslim guys walking around the streets calling woman whores.The rape is just the next step.To call a woman a whore is already a sign you are dehumanizing her and the Qu’ran and the various cultures it spawned and inspired,encourage that behavior.These guys (EDL) focus and rabble rouse over rape, which is one step away from murder.But teenage girls (Muslim and non-Muslim) can get beaten up if they so much as dress the wrong way we had a case very recently where a girl was beaten up by a whole group of Muslim students at her school for having a picture of her trying on a string in a store posted on her twitter account.These were 12-14 year old children. Who teaches them to see woman and girls like this? It’s their parents it’s the Muslim father/mother going on about how those Western woman are whores if they happen to watch Western tv or see a Western advertisement or magazine with the children in the room. That is what is really going on.They also see how their father treats their mother and so it is passed from one generation to the next.What should happen is that these young children if they show signs of this get placed out of the home and get adopted by a family that does respect woman and can teach their children this.Unlike what the Qu’ran says a woman is not more or less human based on how she dresses.If a woman is completely naked that doesn’t give you the right to abuse or otherwise disrespect her.

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