COMMENT- Egypt Elections, Mursi & the Muslim Brotherhood

By Majed Iqbal- With the outcome of the Egyptian Elections finally out in the open, many are sighing with relief that finally the ‘revolution’ has materialised. Who would’ve thought that the iron grip of Mubarak, who ran Egypt like a Police State, imprisoning and torturing opponents would be ousted in a ‘People’s’ movement that had seen enough.

But has much changed with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi successfully winning the election with 51.7% of the vote?

Already, hours after the Election results, ‘negotiations’ were in full swing with various Political Parties to ensure that everyone is Politically appeased and to neutralise any negativities people may have with the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement which for decades has championed Islam, only now to see that those very ideals are being thrown out of the window for the sake of being ‘pragmatic’ and ‘realistic’. Not only doe this confuse Egyptians, but rightly, within their own party ranks, many of whom have sent years in Mubarak’s Jails and Prisoners of Conscience for their call for Islam in State and society.

Mursi went to great lengths in speeches to sell himself in this light.

“We want a democratic, national state with a separation of powers,” he said, adding that his goal is to “build a free and democratic Egypt that will enjoy social justice” he said.

He pledged to “preserve the right for peaceful protest and demonstration” and vowed to respect women’s rights and their freedom to wear the “hijab (Islamic headscarf) or any dress of their choice.”

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) still remain the REAL power brokers with Mubarak’s exit and a popular ‘revolution’ making no difference to the Political set-up.

According to the Constitutional Declaration of 30 March of last year, the new elected president should be sworn in in front of parliament. But SCAF issued an ‘addendum’ after Parliament was dissolved which now requires Mursi to take the oath in front of the High Constitutional Court. So the Army still continues to call the shots while operating under the Garb of newly emerged Democracy.

Hani Nesira, an expert in Egypt’s current affairs, saw no major policy change issues being highlighted in Mursi’s speech.

“Until now, it is still the same old traditional rhetoric of presenting the Brotherhood’s views in a simplistic and ambiguous manner,” Nesira said.

 Disappointingly it has to be said that Egypt is still in the hands of a few. The Muslim Brotherhood watering down everything they championed for decades doesn’t help either too.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) showed outstanding Political stature when all the Political forces in Mecca felt the growing call for Islam. They tried to bargain with him (SAW) presenting many models of governance, gifts and even women. Turning to his Uncle, the Beloved Prophet (SAW) said
“Oh my Uncle, By Allah, if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand on condition that I abandon this matter (Islam), until Allah has made victorious or I perish, I will  not abandon it.”
The case for Egypt continues…


  1. YAHYAA says:


  2. We will see how the brotherhood will fare. It will be interesting to see how they will combine ‘respecting womens rights’ and ‘briging social fairness’ with for example statements about how a woman or a christian cant become president of egypt. Sounds impossible.

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