ITV News Report Appearance- Shafelia Ahmed Trial Verdict

ITV News visited Rochdale to find out the views of young Pakistani’s on the Shafelia Ahmed Honour killing Case. The term ‘honour’ was discussed and what it meant to the younger generation.


  1. The case of Shafilea Ahmed’s murder is much more complex than a tale of backward parents and progressive children.

    Actually it is the question of identity in the modern world. 2nd and 3rd generation economic migrants often struggle to understand who they are.

    False identity are often formed based on superficial understanding of the modern world , the identities tended to rational and materialistic.
    Unfortunately the rural migrants are unable to differentiate or give any moral or spiritual understanding of the modern world to their off spring – leading to cultural schizophrenia – often many young muslims lead double life , pious at home and partying at university.

    My view is if you have chosen to live in this country instill in your offspring a moral frame work with spiritual under pinnings.
    Let them make their own mistakes and come to appreciate there is no point reinventing the wheel.

    As for the claim West is best this is a hollow claim until the west can reconcile it liberal democratic outlook with its self serving foreign policy.

    Anti Islam propoganda in the Western media for the past 20 years, which accellerated after the 911, is having the opposite effect. Some educated people in the West mainly out of curiosity want to learn what Islam is about. When they approach their research with an open mind, probably most of them form positive impressions about Islam and some of whom rightfully convert. In the USA after the events of 911, convertions to Islam pheonominally increased maily in amongst the educated white community and a large majority of them were females.

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