9/11- Eleven Years on

September 11 2001, a date that is etched into everyone’s memories as a devastating day, that made people s jaws drop as they witnessed aeroplanes crash into twin towers, is now upon us again.

What surfaced beyond September 11 2001, has seen bloodshed at unprecedented levels, with a new Political idea taking shape, that any nation has the moral right to invade another sovereign nation if they feel they are a threat, otherwise known as uni-lateral invasion.

In this politically emotional juncture, Leading States will continue to use this opportunity to drum up support to further their plans, agendas and interests. Already, President Obama took the opportunity today to highlight that “The US is not at war with Islam” in efforts to downplay the notion that America is a colonialist nation that is crushing the true expression of the Muslim world, which is Islamic governance.

The two following articles from last year will aid us in presenting clear discussions on this topic and allowing us to be principled in our arguments.

Crescent Radio appearance “Life after 9/11″- CLICK HERE

Ummah Channel ‘Debate Night’- “Afghanistan- 10 years on”- CLICK HERE



  1. Unprecedented bloodshed? Time to avert your gaze from your navel. 5 million ppl dead in the congo war….noone cares until it’s ‘their own’…

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