Protests over Insulting Movie against Prophet Muhammad and the Uncivilised idea of Freedom

By Majed Iqbal- It has been over a week since a controversial 3rd grade movie, produced in the US, insulting the Holy Prophet Of Islam caused a world-wide stir. Protests against the backstreet studio movie spread from Libya and Egypt across all parts of the Muslim World and reached Political heights similar to the offensive Cartoons that were published in Denmark in 2006 caricaturing Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

US secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was quick to distance the US government from the Movie to deflect any suspicions that the Govt had a role in providing a platform for it. It was hard to take her at face value as the American Constitution protects freedoms, and therefore according to US law, the producer of the insulting film had committed no crime; his actions were perfectly acceptable according to his constitutional rights.

Many Western commentators were quick to peddle the same recycled narrative of Freedom of expression and highlight how such freedoms are scarcely unavailable in many parts of the Muslim World.

However, just earlier in the week we  heard about another person becoming the victim of freedom too. This time round, in the name of freedom of the Press, Indecent images of the future Queen of England, Prince Williams Wife, Kate Middleton, were taken and published by a French Magazine,  Italian Newspaper and today it was reported that an Irish Newspaper followed suit.

Under a secular society it is deemed as perfectly acceptable to carry out uncivilised acts and hide behind an intellectually bankrupt idea like freedom to justify your actions. A secular society also distances itself from any form of religiosity. It is of no surprise that people feel unashamed to produce movies about religious figures in the name of comedy, but with the real intent of incitement and causing offence, and then have the nerve to ask, “Whats wrong with you?”. If the future Queen of UK is not immune from the dire consequences of Freedom, then how do we expect liberal Fascists to value the honour of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?

Unfortunately for Kate Middleton we haven’t really seen much protest from the British Public to defend the honour of the Monarchy. This maybe understandable, as icons like herself are distant and aloof from the day-to-day lives of the ordinary person.

But the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAW), the one who taught us the purpose of our existence, how to live, how to respect, lead honourable lives, run a civilised society is closer to  the believers than they are to themselves. Allah (SWT) mentions in the Holy Quran

“The Prophet is closer to the believers than themselves” (Surah Ahzab 33:6)

1400 years ahead, the Message of Islam resonates with believers as much as it has done in every generation as internationally secular values in the muslim World take a dip and Islamic values rise sharply.

The rank of the Prophet of Islam in the heart of a Muslim cannot be described in words. This love and admiration for him can only be tasted when a person enters the fold of Islam and works to emulate his actions. The movie has deeply offended Muslims throughout the world who share these sentiments.

Sadly the rulers in the Muslim World have been more worried about their relations with Washington and London. Their token statements and actions have less to do with defending the honour of the Prophet of Islam and more to do with being pragmatic and appeasing Muslim sentiments for political ends in their states.


  1. one human life is worth so much more than feeling insulted over a private movieproject noone has seen….insanity

  2. duchess kate? You mean she killed somebody because her picture was taken? I doubt that very much. I think she understands perfectly that a mans life is worth infinately more than her being photographed topless.

    • majedsblog says:

      Julia, obviously you completed missed the whole point in the article. By stating “You mean she killed somebody because her picture was taken?” that Prophet Muhammed did the same?

      If she wasn’t smitten by the Very freedoms which Secular societies prize themselves on then why has she filed a case to get injunctions imposed on media outlets to stop them re-publishing her pictures??

      At least lets start being honest and stop holding Freedom as an untouchable ideal. I class that as ideological militancy.

  3. filing lawsuits or writing columns or articles etc etc is perfectly ok. In Kates case she might even win because laws of privacy have been compromised. Killing and burning would be an insane reaction.

    The important matter to discuss is how to bring justice to the ppl that have been killed…a stupid movie noone has seen pales in comparison.

    • majedsblog says:

      So why is it that we have treason laws in the UK punishable by death if anyone attempts to kill the Queen?


      And why is that denying the holocaust can land you in jail for 4 years in Austria?

      Protecting minorities??

      As far as the Royal family is concerned, they havnt always resorted to the pen and the courts to resolve issues and disputes.

      Remember the British Raj? And how many people were slaughtered and enslaved to ‘protect the empire’!

      It is often embarrassing when someone equates everything western to peace and civilised behaviours when in reality history is littered with examples of violence to promote political beliefs upon a people.

  4. majed: if your prophet lived today and someone killed him….of course this would be punishable just like its punishable to kill the queen. That has nothing to do with burning and killing ppl because a man made a movie or wrote a book or made a drawing or sang a song.

    • So if someone from the royal family died and a similar movie was made of them, would they not be prosecuted?

    • fauzia….look at the movies made about queen elisabeth….murder, torture etc….noone was prosecuted

  5. if your prophet is good,why u should commit violence and kill innocent people just because someone has expressed an opinion, which may be true according to historical facts.
    If he is good, he will remain good inspite of any good or bad comments.
    you agree that he belonged to a meccan tribe and at that time greatest pleasure was in posssessing animals and women.
    People of other relegions do not get offended the way you are.
    this shows there is no tolerance.
    if you have no tolerance how can there be peace?

    • Raja…. Our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW ‘s status will never be diminished irrespective, but you tell me if your child or a loved one i.e you mother, father, sister, borther, wife etc etc… whom you loved dearly was insulted in the way Our Prophet SAW was in this pathertic movie, would you tolerate it, would you just sit indorrs and ignore it?
      Yes killing is wrong, in our religion it is made clear, if you kill one muslim/person it is as though you have killed the whole of mankind, but these killings were just a reaction!

      Every person reacts in a differnt way, especially when one is hurt. We muslims are HURT by this and want justice.

      Tolerance? Huh !

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