POEM- Palestine

By Poet 786

i am a land of dignity
Do not show me sympathy
For it is a chronic disease
That only puts your heart at ease

i am still occupied!

As my blood flows
Do not shed tears
Once your eyes have dried
You are no longer horrified

i am still occupied!

As my daughters are raped
Do not have your hands raised
For dua without action
Is Shaytans’s distraction

i am still occupied!

As my children see no joy
Do not send them a toy
They are not in need of bones
They have learnt to play with stones

i am still occupied!

As i suffer under deceptive ploys
Do not bring me aid convoys
i am not in need of Socialism
But rather the Prophet’s tourism

i am still occupied…
I will be liberated!

For my occupiers I must warn
My shield is promised to return
No matter what plans you initiate
How many of my beloved you humiliate

I will be liberated!

I shall be protected by The Imam
My sons shall reestablish my home
I see them on the path of victory
Reminding the world of my history

I will be liberated!

Another Umar shall be raised
Enemy footprints shall be erased
Humanity shall see justice
Where all shall be at peace

I will be liberated!

I see Salahudeen on the horizon
Carrying for me the Ummah’s crown
I shall be made the Dar-al-Khilafah
The Permanent Capital inshaAllah

I will be liberated!

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