VIDEO- Karbala Yesterday- Gaza Today- have we learnt anything?

I was invited onto the Ummah Channel on the ‘Community Platform’ show to discuss the recent Gaza Crisis in Light of the sacred Month Muharram and the historic Sacrifices made by the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Imam Husain at Karbala.

Have we learnt anything about the Example of Imam Hussain? Are we exempt from standing up for Justice today against the Tyranny of Israel’s State terrorism? Are we exempt from accounting the self- declared Islamic regimes from the newly Arab Spring Phenomenon who have settled for just token visits to Gaza?

If Imam Hussain (AS) laid down his life to uphold one Islamic rule, the bay’ah, which was being abused, then how about today when the whole of Islam is in suspension with no application of Shariah in the Societies in the Muslim World.

Where is the struggle?


  1. As Salaamu alikum Im a Muslim american. In the news here i see all kinds of crime being done to my brothers and sisters the world over. It makes me sick to my heart. We are being killed everywhere. But the shame is that more muslims killing each other right now than the enimy! Dont these people understand the sunnah? So people are standing up and being killed! But for what? Love~sunnah~islam~ brotherhood~or~oil~gas~money~fame? What are we dieing for????!!!

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