Indian Rape Case- Where is the Justice?

By Majed Iqbal- By now no one would have failed to have noticed the notorious rape case story that has been circulating the Media circuits for the last week. The extremely stressing story of a women being gang-raped by 6 men on a bus at 10 Pm at night in the Capital City of India, Delhi, dubbed as the rape Capital, has shocked us all, no matter where we come from or what our backgrounds are.

India Rape Outrage

People in India have took to the streets to challenge the growing rate of such cases affecting thousands of women. Talk shows, Politicians, Celebrities, News Channels, Magazines and press have zoned into the discussion to ask “where is it all going wrong?”. How can the Worlds largest democracy suffer from such endemic ills? These are questions reverberating on the lips of all.

No doubt, India has been rapidly moving ahead with Westernising its deeply Conservative culture, which some believe is an obstacle to progress. People in India have been told that to move ahead, we must change. This political mindset has opened the flood gates for a new type of thinking whose measure is to mimic what they see abroad.

A reflection of this is vividly seen in the Global brand of Bollywood, which has hugely sexualised its output of yearly films coupled with the open access to anything and everything over the internet.

Multi-national corporations have set foot in the country, bringing over not just their brands, but their culture, to push forward a new vision for India.

Men and women in India are therefore subject to a new decadent culture which produces an irresponsible, immoral and sexualised view of each other, leading to severe social issues.

The current popularised rape case is at the extreme end of the spectrum of this struggle of values where one side thinks that conservatism needs to be maintained by any mean necessary against the ‘westernisation’ of their country. On the other hand, ‘Globalised’ values pushing relaxed attitudes towards the opposite sex have become the catalyst for hundreds of thousands of cases of molestation of women in public places, sexual harassment in the work place and rape.

At the heart of this matter, people have rightly accused the Indian Political system, the Police, the Judiciary and other Institutions as Corrupt. People who have hit the streets have vocalised these sentiments clearly and hold them responsible for failing to act on such issues to make India a safe place for women to live in. People have been quick to look at the merits of the Western Judicial system and have argued that their processes of convicting people is unlike India’s where hundreds of rape cases have yet to reach the court despite being filed months on end, and in some cases years. People argue, that a corrupt Political system has turned a blind eye to growing cases of rape and those who have been wronged, never seem to get anywhere through the courts.

Whilst the Processes for Justice may seem swift in Western countries, the social values are a social time bomb which allow such cases like rape and sexually related issues to continuously cause problems for both individual and society as a whole.

In the name of freedom everything is legal, opening up the temptations to extreme levels, but as soon as some one ‘over-steps’, then the ‘heavy hand’ of the law kicks in.

India finds itself in a predicament where the social time-bomb has kicked in but yet has no processes to address this predicament. So the problem will continue to grow where ‘Westernisation’ will lead to more extreme and subtle cases, causing further misery for people.

The Islamic Political System, Khilafah, advocates moral, spiritual and decent values to society to bring s new standard for people to live by. Both muslim and non-mulsim women can feel safe and protected as the view of men and women is one of co-operation where required and segregation when not required. This re-wiring of social attitudes helps in creating a balanced society which has for centuries been exemplified in the Islamic world under the just Khilafah system.

However, Islam has never advocated a Utopian Society.That is why there is a Criminal Justice System where we have Hudood (punishments) and clear cut rules for what happens in cases of rape, as occured in Delhi.

Such is the honour of a woman in Islam, whether she is Muslim or non-muslim, that slandering and spreading false information about her is punishable by public lashing, a far cry from the daily trash seen in media across the world where defaming women is an entire industry to sell. Islam therefore advocates both the correct values and possesses a robust process to address such pressing issues.

The real culprit in this saddening rape case affair is the decaying social values and Corrupted Indian Political System.

For the women of India it is high time for them to look into what Islam can do for them on an individual scale to guide them and Politically to get them that justice when they have been wronged.

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