COMMENT- Elections in Pakistan- The “Democratic Circus” Continues

By Majed Iqbal- With Election fever building up in Pakistan, once again, the masses are being fed with a set of bankrupt Politics which will bring no real change to the country’s situation.

In the last year, one after the other, Politicians and Political parties have attempted to flex their muscles by talking about a ‘new change’ through mass rallies, populist statements and mass marketing campaigns around the country. But to any independent observer, it is clear that the same recycled ideas are being fed again and again, which themselves have been the cancer that has starved Pakistan of bringing it out of its slumber.

Sometimes in the name of “Iqbal’s Pakistan” or “Mustafvi Inquilab (Prophetic Revolution), or simply Politicians repenting for past practices, the nation is being fooled into the same ‘One direction’ Drama of “Democracy is the way forward”.

Yes indeed, people desire a fair and just system where the voices count, but by sugar-coating poison, poison doesn’t change and neither its effect will.

The Democratic Circus of Musical chairs still relies upon block votes, backing of Powerful people and most importantly convincing America that “You are their man” for the region. Once in Power, there is no way of holding such politicians to account for their sweeping promises of change. History is testament to this.

People of Pakistan have to think outside of the normative corrupt Politics that plagues even the leading states of the world. Discussions should surround on Ideology, not charming personalities or false promises. It is high time that people reflect more deeply on how Islam could solve many of the deep Political, social and Economic crisis facing the country. In fact opinion poll results have favoured this trend of Islam being the primary source of legislation of the state, yet Political parties wish to forcibly sell the notion of bankrupt Democracy down everyone’s throats.

“A majority of Pakistanis want the government to take steps for the Islamisation of society” cited an opinion poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan.

The results of the poll revealed that 67% of Pakistanis want the government to take steps to Islamise society, 13% responded by saying Pakistan did not need Islamisation and 20% gave no response.

Voices are growing and making momentum for Islam to be implemented in Pakistan. This needs to continue as this is what is meant by “thinking outside the box”.


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