POEM- In my Lifetime

By Abdul Jabbar

I see the pure blood spilt
Tyrants with no guilt

With no fear
Only Allah to go near

How long will it take?
Allah will not forsake

Indeed the victory from Allah is near
So why the tyrants should we fear?

Have patience oh Sham
Do not fall for their scam
cause you call for Islam

All the Ummah is awake
Thrones of the tyrants shake

Soon we’ll have Khilafah
For tyrants a disaster

Our martyrs in Jannah fast
Tyrants wish to change their past

Today it’s seen as a crime
To return to Khilafah’s time

The necklace of pearls together again
Vigilant and our string intact will remain

‘Arab’ spring as it gained fame
Islamic awakening is it’s real name



  1. Very beautiful poem. Indeed, the victory is near.

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