COMMENT- Morsi & Egypt- Compromised Politics never work

By Majed Iqbal- A re-run of the Protests which ousted Mubarak back in 2011? This is what commentators are dubbing the fresh protests in Egypt as  where thousands have converged on the renowned Tahrir Square which shook the throne of the Dictator Mubarak.

Its seem surprising that Egyptians are protesting against a Government which they Democratically elected not too long ago, knowing full well that Morsi and his party had no real plan for Government and were elected more on merit of their social and charitable work.

What is clear now is that there was no change! Were people naive enough to believe that the army which backed a Vicious Dictator who brutalised his nation through fear, torture, extra-ordinary rendition, complicit and blessed by Western rulers, would allow anyone to come forward to rule Egypt? The ultimatum set yesterday by the Army is clear proof of who holds the reigns of power in the country. These were the same Generals who sat in the US waiting for orders on how to contain the situation in Egypt with their ‘Wait and see’ policy. What else can be expected from them in the current climate?

Morsi is a victim of his own and his party’s absence of thinking on how to rule Egypt. He chopped and changed, sustained ties with Israel, Took on IMF interest based loans deepening the Economic stagnation of the country, remained muted on Syria for months on end, had no stance on the opening of the Rafah border for free transit of goods to Gaza, appeasing the secularists by maintaining key resorts open serving alcohol and other entertainment for Western holiday makers and having a lack of vision for job creation.

These problems have deepened by pursuing a line of compromised Politics that focus primarily on appeasing power brokers from mixed backgrounds in Government rather than solving the nations woes. These are the pitfalls of Democracy which strangle prosperity in a tug of war of power.

Morsi and his party should have listened to the call for Comprehensive Shariah to be implemented by withdrawing from the shady Electoral process and using their social standing and influence to explain a new vision based on Islam and how its detailed rules are the only force for real change for Egyptian Society which can offer Justice, peace, prosperity and a civil society for all through the framework of a tried and tested system, the Calipahte (Khilafah)

Compromised politics never work!



  1. I think you have a point regarding the army’s long-term goals. But leaving aside controversial policies or grand schemes like al-Nahdah or social engineering, do you not thinking that immediately addressing rule-of-law, transparency, and economic stability under a broad-based coalition is the only way for Egypt to save itself?

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  3. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    This is how people oust dictators – no armed foreign terrorists needed, no no-fly zones needed, no bombings needed. Morsi’s narrow view of seventh century desert cave way of life is not suitable for 21st century. Egyptians were embarrassed having Morsi as a president. Morsi did not win the election, USA and Qatar made Morsi the President.
    Portuguese Army should take cues from the Egyptian army and stand for the people, like they did in 1974

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