TWEET DECK- How to view the Egypt Coup

Tonights news on the ousting of Former President Morsi has brought a multitude of reactions. In these defining moments of a strategically important country in the Muslim World, Majed’s Blog presents its clear ideas on  HOW to view these events and articulate a formulated response.

Find below tweets from the last few hours to help you discuss these crucial events unfolding.


#morsi is ousted by Army.Western Media says Islam was cause for this as his Party was radical. Morsi didn’t establish Islamic rule though!

The #coup in #egypt favours only US & the remnants of the old Regime which is built on the disastrous nature of Democracy Time 4 #Khilafah

Muslim Brotherhood rallies r now calling for Shariah. Morsi had a whole year to establish this but DIDNT! Democracy wasn’t the way for this

Secularism has blinded some in #egypt but Morsi didn’t do anything to help either .

UK Spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood said “People are angered and will loose confidence in Democracy. Wasn’t this clear from the start?

#Egypt Army coup labelled as un-constitutional, but this was inevitable as the Army was towing US Agenda. Doomed from the start!

Change in #Egypt was never going to be delivered through the ballot box but through a detailed plan & manifesto based on Islam

People in #Egypt must now realise that Elections are not the only component for change

The West exemplify duplicity by calling for Democracy but yet back coups. Remember Algeria or Musharraf’s coup in Pakistan. Will we learn?

Western world lecture other nations on Democracy whilst suffering from its ills domestically. One size doesn’t fit all

Western world want compliant States that tow their agendas for their own interests. The coup was US Endorsed. #egypt #newsnight

We must realise that US has its tentacles linked through some factions of the Egyptian Army by financing them $2bn yearly STILL. Change this

#egypt Protests are reactionary & will produce no clear change. NO to another year of #morsi & NO to a #Secular system. YES to #Khilafah

Protestors shouldn’t become intoxicated by Western ideals. The lethal cocktail of Freedom & Democracy has shown its fruits around the world

If West can’t Stomach #morsi cos of implementation of some parts of #Islam & back the coup, please in future oust Blair’s,Bush’s & Obama’s 2

British Foreign Office statement says People in #Egypt must restrain themselves from Violence whilst occupying countries themselves!


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