Ramadhan Mubarak I MAJED’S BLOG

I would like to extend my greetings to all on the arrival of Ramadhan, the Month of Mercy, forgiveness and freedom from Hellfire. Ramadhan Mubarak to all the readers of this blog.

May Allah give us the Tawfeeq to honour this blessed months by following all the prescribed ritual acts to their vivid details as well enjoying a high level of spiritual bliss and awakening.

This is the month to strive for forgiveness by following all Allah’s commands and remembering our Final Destination of the grave and ultimately standing in front of our Lord on the last Day. This is also the month in which we extend our hands in dua to seek Allah’s help for the calamities facing the Muslim World and to shower his mercy on us.

At the same time it is the Month of realisation of our responsibilities to ourselves, our communities and our Ummah. History is testimony to the way the Ummah stood defiantly in front of Oppression and Injustice which should be no different today.

In this month we must exemplify locally and nationally what the Beloved Messenger (SAW) stood for, especially when the Government, Politicians, populist Media and thuggish group malign the Message of Islam.

Internationally, the Ummah is facing crisis in Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other lands, including the recent events in Egypt where Islam is being portrayed as an un-Workable system with the ousting of the Morsi Regime.

Ramadhan is a time for this Ummah to address its individual and Societal issues. May Allah grant us wisdom, foresight, knowledge and the capacity to act on the right path. AMEEN

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