TWEET DECK- #Egyptmassacre

The scenes over the last few days in Egypt have been unbearable to watch as hundreds were murdered and thousands injured in the crackdown by the Egyptian Army.

With the flow of arguments chopping and changing on News channels, it is easy to get sucked into a narrative which blames the former President Morsi and his group, Muslim Brotherhood, for everything being meted out on the streets of Egypt.

How do we view these events? How can we tackle the Media Frenzy

Majed’s Blog presents its ‘Tweet Deck’ to help you in your arguments with short, punchy and to the point angles to hit the nail on the head

Find below tweets from the last few hours to help you discuss these crucial events unfolding.

Situation in #Egypt is clear. Secular fundamentalists lecturing how liberalism is the way forward by the barrel of a gun. #egyanticoup

General Sisi has done what even Mubarak didn’t even do- openly massacre people for the world to see whilst talking about a peaceful #Egypt

You may disagree with MB politics but you can’t disagree that there is a hatred for Shariah rule amongst certain elites.

Western powers accepted the #egyanticoup. They can also be held responsible for the #egyptmassacere. #Egypt

US & UK provided meek responses to #egyanticoup as its all about ‘interests’ & maintaining their influence in region as people are murdered.

#egyanticoup & #egyptmassacere. The elephant in the room is “Muslims will never take to the ballot box to bring Political change again’

#Algeria #Afghanistan #Egypt Colonialist powers have worked to reduce Islam’s influence in Politics & governance. Coincidence?

When French ousted Islamic Party in Algeria from Govt- said “to protect democracy sometimes you have to use undemocratic means” #egyanticoup

Can’t people of #Egypt see that this was a US backed coup which is now destroying their country? Your own sons & daughter are being killed!

The western world powers have deliberately built a narrative against Political Islam through the War on Terror which some have bought #Egypt

Which country has ever prospered from US foreign Policy? #Peru, #guetamala, #Iraq, #Pakistan, #Argentina, #somalia?? WAKE UP #Egypt

#Erdogan refers to #egyptmassacere as a battle like Prophet Musa and Phraoa. So why is the Turkish Army not being mobilised to help MR PM?

Media has fabricated many events In #egypt that Muslims are attacking churches when In fact they have been forming chains to protect them!

Even #mubarak didn’t ban the MB but towed conciliatory line with them. Sisi has outrun him in this #egyptmassacere.

Democracy & Dictatorship are two sides of the same coin #Egypt #egyanticoup #egyptmassacere

Change in #Egypt will neither be through the ballot or the bullet. Don’t let the world dupe you into their narrative. #shariah, #unity

#Egypt– Western world gave you Nasar, Sadat, Mubarak & #Sisi The #khilafah gave u Amr bin Al As and Umar bin Al-Khattab Choose ur destiny

Egyptian Secular Fundamentalists Are you happy with hundreds murdered now? You applaud killing people to spread your Politics. Terrorism?

They said Islamism leads to violence and chaos BUT its no secret that Liberalism does this but blames others #Egypt #Iraq #Afghanistan

Generals in the #Egypt army compete for their biggest share in Jahannum #egyanticoup #sisithemurderer #Sisi #egyptmassacere #Morsi

Our Duas are there for the Shuhada in Egypt. May Allah give them Sabr #egyanticoup #sisithemurderer #Sisi #egyptmassacere #Morsi

How long will people b blinded in Egypt with Democracy & Dictatorship? Isn’t it time we looked ahead & worked towards REAL Change? Khilafah

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