TWEET DECK- #Veil Debate

An incident involving a women refusing to unveil in a court room has hit national attention in an unprecedented manner. Discussions on the veil are not new to the UK, but seem to stir up national hysteria anytime an incident surfaces, involving a muslim woman’s dress.

Majed’s Blog presents short and precise arguments for you to use and present in this debate

The West said that #taliban are forcing women to wear certain clothing but now r dictating to women in #Britain what women can wear! #niqab

Jack Straw says we must tackle the #veil debate cautiously. Look who’s talking!!!!

#veil – A piece of cloth is sending secular societies into a frenzy? Are ideals like Freedom just sound bites which are suspended when rqd?

The #niqab debate unveils fragile nature of Secularism & how its a glorified idea which cannot resolve societal issues involving differences

The call for #veil ban in schools, Hospitals & workplaces, proves that #secularism is not an impartial idea under which people can flourish

#britain now follows #France in the debate on the #veil. Didn’t Straw in 2007 say that UK would never ban the #veil?

#musim women have no problem in removing their #veil for security & ID checks as the women showed in court. This debate has other agendas

Muslim community must not become fixated with discusssion on minority or a majority that wears a #veil. This is a symbol of our Deen #islam

Today its the #veil, tomorrow it will be the Hijab, then it’ll be the beard. Are you willing to water down #Islam to please the status quo?

#Veil debate- Minority? Majority? “If you were to follow the majority of the people, they will lead you astray” [Surah Al-An’aam, ayah 116]

Muslim Youth MUST Stand for #Islam & speak out for sisters wearing a #Veil EVEN if you dont follow the opinion that the face shd be covered

Muslim women from all persuasions, nationalities, regions have adorned the #veil whether they’re Deobandi, Salafi, Naqshbandi or Madani

Surprising theres a national debate on the #veil. If theres so much concern abt women issues, im sure domestic violence is more pressing?

In this #Veil debate we should ask “Why is Secularism not on trial?”


  1. iftikhara says:

    A free and open society should be respectful towards and tolerant of religious beliefs which it does not necessarily agree with. Much of what the Islamic tradition teaches IS intolerant itself towards Hindu idol veneration,atheism, the RIGHT to stop being a Muslim, for example, but this does NOT excuse imposing a ban on the RIGHT of Muslim women to maintain expression of THEIR tradition. I disagree with MOST Islamic teaching, but I have NO right to oppress people practice it.

    What is usually misunderstood as a statement of male dominance and ‘Islamic tyranny’ is in fact a statement of dignity. At the time of Muhammad(PBUH), ONLY aristocratic women were ALLOWED the dignity of a veil, Muhammad proclaimed that what is good enough for the rich and powerful is good enough for a Muslim woman. I am a Muslim, but what possible harm can come from British Muslims maintaining this principle?

    Let’s just add hypocrisy to Farage’s list of stupid personality traits… He can say that the burkha is oppressive to women as he dictates what women should and should not be allowed to wear. I agree with Nigel Farage on a lot of things but he is completely way off the mark on this. If a woman wants to wear the full veil because her religion requires it, then no one and no government should force her not to wear it. The lady was right when she said that in some situations like an airport or a bank then it’s fine to take the veil off. Nigel Farage is completely ignorant on this issue and is looking at it from a very narrow point of view. Banning the face veil would undermine religious freedoms in this country. Making people go against their conscience is never good and it will breed resentment and breed more terrorists.

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