COMMENT- Pakistan Church Suicide attack- Why?

By Majed Iqbal- At least 78 people have been killed and a 120 were injured in a double suicide bomb attack on a Christian church in northwest Pakistan earlier today. The attackers struck as people left the church, causing devastation in the vicinity.

The last decade has seen an unprecedented level of attacks, never seen in the History of Pakistan.  Ever since the inception of the War on Terror, Pakistan has witnessed a barrage of violence which has primarily been a reaction to a belligerent US foreign Policy. The US has sold the idea to the ordinary citizen of Pakistan that indeed it is this very violence which remains the defacto reason why the US is present in their country; to combat extremism and eradicate the nightmare of terrorism.

The events of today, of death and destruction are indeed un-Islamic and are worthy of condemnation. At the same time the ordinary citizen is no longer Gullible, feeding off the Propaganda peddled by the US through its mediums of Politicians and Media. The ordinary citizen remembers the Raymond Davis incident and how he was swiftly led out of the country after murdering innocent civilians in cold blood on the open streets of Pakistan. They also recall how secret US Agencies like Blackwater operate with immunity, requiring no visa on entering the country and who have been responsible for surveillancing ‘targets’ under their intelligence led programs. And lastly, manipulation of groups in Pakistan by Indian Intelligence agencies who have a track record of causing internal strife.

Christians in Pakistan, as well as the general public must hold the Pakistani Government and the US responsible for todays atrocities as they are the sole reasoning for all the death and destruction the country is facing. We must question “Why?” and “Who does it benefit?”

Christians in Pakistan must also realise that secularism has failed to protect their rights despite Politicians championing it at the expense of belittling Islamic Rule as being incompetent, incoherent and not suitable for implementation over minorities.

Islamic Rule promises a secure future for minorities in Pakistan including education, representation in Government posts, protection of places of worship, to adhere to their own rules for private matters like marriage, divorce and ceremonies and no obligation for army conscription or to sear and oath of allegiance to the ruler.

Stop the US, Nawaz Sharif and Terrorism and look forward to the Shining model of Khilafah.


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  2. This is BS. Shariah is impossible to implement and guarantees non-Muslims far lesser rights than Western countries give to us. The sheer hypocrisy when someone like you condemns Western countries for minor transgressions within their own borders towards Muslims but then wants to treat them like 2nd class citizens in your own country is astonishing.

    Have a list at the countries which are prospering today- the less religion interferes in society, the better.

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