COMMENT- Mr Milliband, Now you know how Muslims feel!

By Majed Iqbal- Yesterday we saw an emotional rebuttal response from Ed Miliband, Leader of the opposition Labour Party to the remarks made against his father by the Daily Mail who accused him of hating Britain.

Whilst one would need to dig deeper to substantiate these allegations made by the paper which were reprinted a second time to add insult to injury, this is not the focus of this piece. What is the focus is how Ed Miliband has been bitten by the very ideas he stands for, which is Freedom of speech- an idea which makes all speech perfectly legal, no matter how distasteful it may be.

Ed Miliband now feels the anger and apathy at not being able to do anything when the problem comes closer to home. The Newspaper, the Daily Mail defended its right to publish these views and offered no apologies or remorse for their actions as they were perfectly legal in the eyes of the law which is built on offering such freedoms to individuals, institutions and Media. Ed is tasting the bitterness of the Capitalist Ideology which offers unrestricted Freedoms at the expense of common sense, decency, Truth and protection of individuals and society.

Remember the Danish Cartoons against the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him)? These were published, defended and consequently republished to cause offence with no regard for anyone, no matter how sacrosanct they are in the eyes of a sizeable population in Europe.

That’s why Muslims protested, not only against Cartoons but against the ridiculous nature of Liberal values promoted through Capitalism.

Mr Miliband, Now you know how Muslims feel!

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