Rihanna’s Mosque Photo shoot- Any Publicity is ‘Good’ publicity

5pillarzBy Majed Iqbal- It seems pop stars don’t get enough of drawing attention to themselves nowadays and there also seems to be a winning formula for doing this! It’s not rocket science to tell you the truth. All they have to do is to do the most ridiculous thing they can think of!

I am in no way a Celebrity Guru, and neither would it be correct for me to be one from the Islamic point of view (you  know what im sayin!), But there are certain things that you simply cannot avoid as they’re so ‘in your face’ all the time.

Yesterday, R&B ‘Star’ Rihanna, known more for revealing herself through her lack of clothing decided to ‘clothe’ herself in a Hijab and pose outside a Mosque in Abu Dhabi for a photo shoot.  So whats the issue one asks? I’m sure ‘stars’ are given a session on cultural sensitivities before they travel to perform outside their respective countries for their global tours. By now they surely must have realised that Western values are not universal and in many parts of the world they are looked down upon, including the Muslim World.

But with the latest frenzy of celebrities doing their utmost to act ridiculously to draw attention and boost ratings seems not to worry them. After all they have to remain in the public eye and catch people’s attention, even if its offensive, distastefulness and obscene.

Only a few backs the exact same discussion was taking place with Miley Cyrus and her latest endeavours to strip and act sexually seductive in her videos- a star whose fan following are the young, aged 10 onwards! Media discussions on tis issue homed around ‘stretching the boundaries’ and morality of stars like Cyrus. But in a world where people follow Pop stars like sheep, it is no surprise how attention hungry personalities can get away with such stunts and gain celeb mileage in international ratings.

Apparently, Rihanna didn’t really have permission to do the photo-shoot we are told.  The Mosque she paraded around in made it a clear in a statement earlier today that they were concerned about her poses that took place on their premises.

From the pictures made available on Rihannas Instagram account, one can clearly see that posing around for photos lying on the floor in a place where people come to worship and save themselves from the exact corruption which stars like Rihanna are currently glorifying and promoting; it wasn’t exactly  a smart move from Rihanna really!

But what exactly is the Dubai government representative of that it allows such ‘stars’ with sexual baggage to arrive at the doorsteps of their country and yet they think nothing of stopping it! The Mosque has played its part in putting out its view on the incident, but no official statement has been issued by the government and none should be really expected. Abu Dhabi is the centre point for many performers for their tours.

From the stars point of view ‘Any publicity is good publicity’



  1. Salamun Alaikum, brother.
    This mosque is in Abu Dhabi, not Dubai.
    Some related news here, Inshaa’Allah:

  2. Reblogged this on A day A time in my life with Haleemah A Ghani and commented:
    At least she has the decency to cover up…..

  3. Bismillah! did anyone offer her dawah?


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