TWEET DECK- “Is Islam being criminalised?” Event Coverage

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Last nights event titled “Is Islam being Criminalised?”, held in Central Manchester was widely attended by over 600 people at the venue whilst around 2000 people tuned in to watch the online broadcast over the internet. Six speakers poured their hearts and souls into detailing the challenges the Muslim Community faces in light of new legislation which will in effect criminalise many aspects of Islam in the name of tackling extremism.

Majed’s Blog covered the event through its Live tweets under the hashtag #stand4islam

nasir-hafesiSolicitor Nasir Hafezi

“There is a 2 tier justice system. One for Muslims and other for wider society”

“Broad definitions of extremism criminalising, demonising Muslims”

“Groups who critique foreign policy are under radar”

So many Muslim speakers have been banned from entering UK”

“Madiba would be considered a terrorist with such definitions”

“Muslims have become second class citizens”

“Time for Muslims to unite and rid Differences & sign a petition”

“It’s not about the fall it’s about the rise. Do we keep falling”


Abdullah Andalusi

“Cameron using muscular liberalism to push British version of Islam”

“Secularism has always bred intolerance”

“Muslim segregation was not the issue. Eaton is segregated”

“Liberal values have to be forced on people-Irony (Freedom?)”

“Solution is peaceful civil disobedience, debate & united stand”

“Only ones disrupting communities is the Govt”


Sheikh Sulaiman Ghani

“We are from Ummah of Prophet Muhammed (Saw) we hav responsibility”

“Man made laws have flaws & are being redefined eg. Marriage

“We will face tests. Iman is being tested”

“Hadith- if you see munkar change it!”

“Our duty is to spread the beauty of Islam”

“There will be times where u,ur values of Islam will b attacked”

“Moment we start looking 4honour elsewhere,Allah wil humiliate us”

“We have to dialogue and engage with people”

“We have to live #islam and not restrict it to 5 pillars”

“We feel pain of Muslims in #syria. We are one Ummah”

“If ur campaigning 2 release Guantanamo prisoners r we extremists?”

“If we don’t act, tmrw our children will be taught homosexuality”

“We need to persevere & bring taqwa Into our life for this work”

“If we don’t base our life’s on Rasool-Ullah we will start losing”

“Hold onto your Deen and be tolerant too”

“We need to interact with non-Muslims with our character”

“We need to make Dawah”


Jahangir Mohammed EditedMohammed Jahangir

“Fighting extremism or reforming Islam”

“PREVENT- They’ve invented policies for every part of Muslim life”

“Your child is being taught prevent material in school”

“2653 students & teachers have been referred to channel Programme”

“When ur kid goes uni he will witness how Muslim speakers are banned”

“Even if u organise charity event,charity commission will question u”

“If ur on channel list there’s no way of getting u off eg. Job issues

“If u say wrong things to doctor u will b sent off to channel project”

“Even if you go for a holiday, u are dubbed as going for jihad”

“37 people have been deprived of their citizenship”

“Under schedule 7 over 70,000 people have been questioned”

“Shanaz project teaches Muslim women to spot signs of extremism in their family”

“Even in prison Muslims are taken through contest strategy”

“You can hide but you can’t run from prevent”


Moazzem Begg

“UK has seen terrorism before but it has never reacted this way”

“Books wrote centuries before are now being banned”

“Magna Carta?- UK govt is protecting & involved in torture”

“Blair- this battle is a fundamental struggle for the life, soul of Islam”

“Blair said in 2005 that rules of the game had changed”

“Security stopped me at airport when I went to #syria to investigate M15″

“Don’t like it when we tell them we’re watching u when ur watching us”

“If this is War onTerror why are there no IRA/Tamil Tigers in Guantanomo?”

“Why is it one sided & why the duplicity?”

“UK went to war on dodgy evidence of WMD’s. Muslims who go syria detained”

“If Dr Abbas had returned from #Syria do u think they would hav left him?”


haithamSheikh Haitham Al-Haddad

“How do we counter the trials and tribulations is the issue”

“Never be defeated even if you are physically defeated”

“When you smile you spoil the victory of you’re enemy!”

“If people are kicking u from the back, know u r at the front”

“We need to be confident and united”

“What unites us as Muslims is more than what divides us”

“We need to think out of the box for new ideas for dawah”


rezaDr Reza Pankhurst

“Reciting the Quran was criminalised by the Quraish!!”

“The same battle continues today in different forms. Haqq vs Baatil”

“Govt play with words to criminalise. They attack us by labels- Islamism”

“Writing a statement of classical Islamic law which govt label extremism”

“We need to know how to deal with Media- we need training eg @tajimustafa

“Islam obliges us to take Islam to wider society”

“The know Muhammad (PBUH) campaign needs to be utilised In our community”

“The truth can never be compromised”

“This is our chance to grow closer to Allah (SWT)”

“If it was not for Prophet Muhammad to compromise deen-same applies to us”



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