TWEET DECK- “Moazzam Begg Arrest”

A leading Muslim activist, Moazzam Begg was arrested yesterday dubiously by West Midlands Police under ‘suspicions’ of Terrorism. The ex-Guantanomo detainee has had a massive response and show of support from the Muslim community so far.


Majed’s Blog responded too in defence and tweeted the following

#MoazzamBegg has been at the forefront of exposing Western States’ hypocrisy in the Muslim world. They can’t stomach him!

#MoazzamBegg is an active Dawah carrier who has challenged the status quo. To frame him, they arrest him!

#MoazzamBegg exposed M15 complicity in torture in Syria as part of War on Terror. He’s the Hero for the British public not a foe!

#MoazzamBegg has experienced first hand what State terrorism is. FIRST in America and NOW in #Britain

#MoazzamBegg arrest- DONT get drawn into Govt Narrative on counter Terrorism making Muslims choose ‘extremist’ & ‘moderate’ definitions

#MoazzamBegg Arrest- Muslims are bing bullied into submission by British Govt to ‘Shut up’ when the penny drops on THEIR terrorism

We are all #MoazzamBegg. We speak the Haqq and stand for the oppressed

Name & shame these M15 officers on Facebook & twitter if they come down to your house! Post their pictures too!! …


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